Luxury travelers love to travel and explore. They have the money to do it right, and they will spend extra in order to enjoy lush accommodations, fine dining opportunities and exciting tours and activities.

Attracting luxury travelers to your tour and activity company allows you to increase your distribution and generate more revenue for your business.

And now is the right time, with a recent survey conducted by Travel Leaders Group noting that 90 percent of luxury travel agents have found that luxury bookings have increased in recent years.

Tour and activity providers should tailor some of their marketing efforts to this elite group of people. Here’s how.

Partner with OTAs Who Specialize in Luxury Travel

Luxury travelers are more likely to use travel agents because they often have busy professional and personal lives, and they want someone else to create the perfect itinerary for them.

They will work with online travel agents, or OTAs, who specifically cater to luxury clients and are aware of the most lavish and inviting travel opportunities across the globe.

By creating a professional partnership with these OTAs, you will be able to access the luxury travel market. Remind the OTAs that you work with that you offer an online booking system that allows them to instantly earn their referral.

These travel agents will be impressed by the professionalism of your company and will be more likely to use your tours and activities when they create itineraries for their clients.

Implement an Online Booking System that Manages Bookings

There’s no room for error when dealing with luxury clients, which is why you will need to implement booking software that manages your bookings for you.

For example, Rezdy offers live availability to your travel agents, ensuring that you are providing your prospective customers with the most accurate information about your available tours and excursions.

In addition, this system keeps track of bookings from all distribution channels, preventing you from overbooking your tours.

Create Packages for Milestone Events and Special Occasions

Some travelers who may not typically be luxury travelers will be looking to create a luxury itinerary for an important event.

By creating a special milestone package within your company, or by partnering with complementary travel businesses in your region, you can entice these travelers to book with you for their big event.

Whether they are celebrating a destination wedding, a milestone birthday or retirement, your company can help make the occasion extra special.

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