Many travelers today want an unforgettable experience for a price that can’t be beat, so they hunt the internet to score the best deal available.

As a tour and activity provider, you can cater to this particular market and increase your online bookings without decreasing your overall profit margin.

With the popularity of daily deal sites continually increasing, and more travelers hoping to get a great deal before they book, this is an important market to focus on.

Here are some tips to cater to the deal seeking traveler.

Offer a Discount Code for Your Tours and Activities

Anyone booking or purchasing anything online is likely going to look for a promotional code before they submit their purchase.

In fact, 93 percent of online shoppers will use at least one discount code throughout the year (Source). By offering a discount code for your tours and activities, customers will be more likely to book their reservations early.

They won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of the discount. Make sure that you create a discount that still allows you to cover your costs and earn a profit, but one that is generous enough that it will be enticing to your potential deal-seeking customers.

Partner with Voucher and Daily Deal Sites

Daily deal sites, such as Groupon or Living Social, provide your target customers with enticing travel deals each and every day. By partnering with daily deal sites, you can reach the customers that want to get the best deal possible for their tours and activities while on vacation.

This increases your online distribution, and also generates buzz about your business. When you utilize an online booking system that accepts vouchers as well as manages these bookings, you can easily offer these promotions and then allow your customers to quickly book their tours and activities.

Invest in an Online Booking System that Manages Your Bookings

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a great deal and then having a difficult time redeeming that deal with the company. By working with an online booking system that manages vouchers and accepts promotional codes, you can take the stress and frustration out of offering these incredible deals.

Your customers will appreciate the fact that they purchased a voucher for your company, and they were easily able to book their desired tours and excursions.

You will benefit from the easy-to-use system that prevents overbooking and also allows you to understand exactly where your bookings are coming from.

Rezdy allows you to see if you are getting a good return on your investment for targeting the deal-seeking travelers across the globe.

Nobody wants to spend more money than necessary in order to get the best experience possible.

In order to increase your online bookings from deal seekers, invest in Rezdy’s booking software. Begin your free trial today.

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