This is a year that is filled with potential. Traveler trends indicate that the number of travelers will rise throughout the year, with many of them being solo travelers who are looking to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience while they are abroad. In fact, tours and activities are becoming a driving factor in the destination that an individual chooses for their next getaway. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to increase your bookings and generate more revenue for your tour and activity business. Here are 5 new ideas to increase tour bookings in 2019:

#1. Live stream your tours on social media

Going live has proven to be one of the most engaging ways to connect with your followers online. To captivate the imaginations of your most motivated Facebook followers and to motivate them to book one of your experiences, consider going live during one of your tours. This gives interested individuals an opportunity to enjoy an immersive experience with your brand prior to booking.

#2. Create experiences based on local events

Look at the events calendar for your region and identify the ones that will be a significant draw to travelers from across the globe. For example, major sporting events, concerts or festivals are likely to bring in an influx of travelers. Evaluate this calendar and create specific tours and activities that will coordinate with those events.

#3. Launch a short-term tour or activity

Today’s travelers put a lot of emphasis on experiencing the place that they are visiting. Keep them excited and interested in your offerings by offering short-term tours or activities that are only available during specific times of the year. For instance, you could offer a rotating tour program in which the exclusive tour changes monthly. This will not only generate buzz, but it will keep previous customers coming back for more.

#4. Offer a luxury enhancement for free

Consider the products that your closest competitors offer, and plan to offer a luxury enhancement that they do not have available. For example, if you are one of three tour providers that offer bus tours of the city, you may want to include a champagne bottle with each tour or a digital photography package at no additional cost to your travelers. It’s these little extras that may make the difference between their choosing you over the competition.

#5. Design holiday editions of each tour you offer

During any holiday season, people like to get into the spirit of the holiday and feel festive while they are traveling. Consider creating holiday tours that are thematic and that allow your travelers to celebrate the holiday in a unique and exciting way.

Increasing your tour and activity bookings using these innovative methods will require the use of an equally innovative booking software. At Rezdy, we continue to pursue the best tour and activity online reservation software solutions to help seamlessly update and upgrade your tour offerings, all while simultaneously broadcasting this information to your extensive distribution network.

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