Despite the fact that numerous tour provider issues are solved by online booking systems, it’s normal to get some kind of resistance when you’re implementing a new booking system into your tour or activity business.

Whether you’re transitioning from a paper-based or other software-based booking system, your receptionist, guides, and vehicle drivers are used to doing things the old way.

Here’s what you can do to make the transition to Rezdy as smooth as possible.

1. Tell them how the new booking system will help them do their jobs

Before you implement Rezdy, explain to your staff how this change will help to streamline operations and get more bookings. When they see that you’re investing in it to help grow the business, they’ll be more excited to use it.

You should also ask your staff which processes waste the most time out of their day, and explain how these can now be automated with Rezdy. For example, they won’t have to take credit card details over the phone, or have to scramble from document to document trying to find customer information.

2. Give them proper training for the new booking system

Obviously, this is a critical step in the process.

If only one or two people will be using Rezdy’s booking software, then you’re all set! All you have to do is set up your onboarding call with our Support team and listen in.

However, if you run a larger business, it would be wise to assign one or two tech-savvy “power users” with the task of training other staff members.

These power users will have to know the system like the back of their hand, so that they can train new hires and be the go-to guy for other staff members who have questions. We recommend offering sort of incentive such as additional time off in exchange for this effort.

Your power user should be:

  • Great at using computers.
  • A quick learner.
  • A good teacher.
  • Respected by other staff.
  • A long-term staff member.

One major pitfalls you should avoid is over-training your staff. Each staff member should only be trained to the extent that they will use the system.

For example, your guides and drivers need to know how to use the tour manifest – not how to set up a payment gateway or change your billing details.

This makes sure they don’t get confused with how to use Rezdy, and they learn it more quickly.

For the best results, take advantage of our Knowledge Base and Academy Webinars.

3. Ask for feedback on the new booking system

As with any new implementation, it’s important to get your customer and staff feedback on it!

  • Did it help your customers in their online booking experience?
  • Did it help your staff in automating the tasks that previously frustrated them?
  • Was training helpful or do they need more support?
  • Do they have any suggestions for how to improve?

If so be sure to raise it with us, because we love feedback. We also have a bunch of feature requests that you can up-vote that have been submitted by other customers.

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