Increase Conversions and Get More Bookings. Simple as that.

Increase Conversions and Get More Bookings. Simple as that.

Many tour and activity operators gear their online marketing campaigns purely to drive traffic to their website. While it’s important to increase your site visitors and attract motivated travelers from a wide variety of demographics, it’s equally vital that you get those same visitors to stick around and finalize their bookings once they arrive. The real goal is to increase conversions from site visitor to customer.

Here’s a few ways that you can increase conversions on your tour and activity website:

Promote Your Site in Order to Attract Motivated Visitors

Use a combination of online advertising options in order to increase your visibility amongst your target audience. This can include implementing an effective SEO strategy, investing in PPC advertising campaigns and launching promotional campaigns on the most powerful social networking sites. It’s important to use your resources wisely and focus on quality, not quantity. The aim is to reach the visitors who are most likely to become customers.

Identify the Market Segments You Want to Appeal to in the Industry

If you are an adventure tour and activity company, you are likely going to appeal to a different set of travelers than a tour company that provides bus tours to historical attractions within the city. You should identify who your target audience is, and also identify several market segments that you wish to reach through your online marketing campaigns. By driving these motivated and interested travelers to your website, you will not only increase your brand recognition but you also will increase conversions over time.

Make it as Simple as Possible to Book

Once your visitors arrive on your site, you want to motivate them to book with you. In order to do this, you need to make it clear that there is a simple booking process available on your website. A large “Book Now” button should be in the most highly visible spot on your home page, so that your customers cannot ignore the fact that you accept direct bookings through your website. Include the booking button in your website header so it appears on every page. This makes sure you can capture the attention of your target audience during every step of their experience.

Use Short, Effective Forms

Today’s website users don’t want to spend 10 minutes filling out 15 different fields in a form. Keep your forms short and simple so that your travelers don’t get frustrated or lose their motivation in the process of filling them out. Short forms also can help you increase your mobile bookings as well.

Online marketing is a necessary component to succeeding as a tour and activity company, as the majority of travelers are researching and completing their bookings online prior to their arrival. When you partner with an online booking engine built specifically for the tour and activity industry, you also benefit from the resources that are provided for your niche business.

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