As a small business owner, you’re naturally inclined to reach for your dreams. When you first began your tour and activity business, you knew that you would have to work tirelessly in order to develop a global brand with local charm. Travel businesses are faced with the unique challenge of offering personalized and authentic local experiences while trying to attract a diverse range of customers from around the world. However, there may be whole segments of travelers in your destination, both from your home country and from around the world, who are not even aware that your activity exists. Employing fully incremental distribution channels could help you to reach a more diverse audience.

When it comes to creating your distribution strategy, you know that you need to partner with large OTAs that appeal to many types of travelers. OTAs are known by most travelers around the world, so it’s important that your brand has a presence on these sites. However, in order to have a truly powerful distribution network, you will want to work with a diverse range of agents.

What is a Fully-Incremental Distribution Channel? 

A fully-incremental distribution channel is a channel that allows you to connect with a market segment that you would not otherwise have access to. For example, you are typically going to be working to attract travelers from different locations around the world. You may not always be thinking about local residents as your customers. However, there may be some fully-incremental distribution channels in your own community that you can partner with. By establishing a relationship with these agents, you can increase your bookings amongst an audience you may not have otherwise known about, and ultimately strengthen your tour and activity business.

Types of Incremental Distribution Channels to Consider

  • Local Employers — Contact some of the top employers in your region and tell them about the tours and activities that you offer. You could create a partnership program in which they reward their employees with a gift card for one of your tours as a token of appreciation for a job well done. This allows you to increase you brand recognition with local residents who may not otherwise book one of your experiences.
  • Restaurants — Create packages with some of the local restaurants in your area in which purchasers receive a discount on their meal as well as on one of your tours and activities. Not only will this help you to attract local residents to your business, but it also could help you book travelers who may not have otherwise planned on enjoying a tour or activity during their stay.
  • Niche Agents — There may be agents in the local area that specialize in niche groups of travelers, such as adventure travel or culinary travel. Partner with these agents to reach out to new traveler segments.

Rezdy is an online booking system that was designed with tour and activity operators in mind. Along with offering our clients an innovative booking engine that allows them to accept reservations directly from their website, Rezdy also provides users with a channel manager that gives them an opportunity to connect with the most renowned and powerful distribution agents in the industry. To learn more about the various types of distribution agents that can help boost your brand recognition and increase your bookings, be sure to download the Rezdy online distribution ebook now.

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