More and More Last Minute Bookings in the Tourism Industry

More and More Last Minute Bookings in the Tourism Industry

Procrastination is trending in the travel and tourism industry. Several years ago, people who were hoping to enjoy a tour or activity on their upcoming trip would book in advance in order to secure a spot prior to their arrival. Now, with the rise in mobile technology and the increase in mobile bookings, people know that they can put off their bookings until the last minute.

Travelers Complete their Research On the Go

Those who are afflicted with wanderlust no longer feel that they have to meticulously plan their trips prior to arriving in their destination. Now, with access to the entire world in their pocket, they can head to their next stop and figure out the rest once they get there. This gives more freedom and flexibility, which is why an increasing number of travelers are using their mobile devices in order to complete research and make final decisions about tours and activities once they have arrived in their chosen destination.

Many will use search engines as well as major OTAs in order to discover the opportunities that are available in the next couple days. They will book directly over their phones, quickly skipping over any tour and activity provider that does not have online booking capabilities. By appealing to mobile users, your company will be able to boost its revenue by selling out more tours on a regular basis.

People book cheaper tours closer to the starting date

The closer it gets to the date of the actual tour, the lower the price of the products that are booked (source). Recognizing this, you could appeal to mobile users who are interested in booking at the last minute by offering discounts on next-day and day-of tours. This could attract their attention, and will make them more likely to book with you on their mobile device rather than continuing their search and landing on the page of your competition.

In many cases, it is better to sell the last few remaining seats on your tour rather than to let them sit empty. By offering a deal, you are earning more income than you would have if the spots were never sold, and you are appealing to a powerful and motivated target audience. As mobile usage increases, you can expect to see more last minute bookings for the tours and activities that you offer.

Essentially, if you want to capture the mobile audience — which continues to grow each year — you will want to appeal to these last-minute visitors who are using their phones and tablets to book their tours. We’ve noticed that cheaper tours ($50 – $500 range) are getting a better response on mobile devices. Make sure that you have a responsive website design, and that you provide an easy online booking button with mobile capabilities. To find out more information about boosting your mobile bookings and appealing to tech-savvy travelers, download the Rezdy mobile ebook today.

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