FREE WEBINAR: A Manifest Manager for Your Tour or Activity Business

FREE WEBINAR: A Manifest Manager for Your Tour or Activity Business

The manifest is possibly the single most important document for a tour operator. It holds the information about every person who is booked on a particular tour, and provides insight into the popularity of the tour, the timing of the tour and the overall schedule for the day. Anyone who operates a tour and activity business knows that an updated manifest is necessary at any given moment, but it can be cumbersome to manage it. If you’re becoming bogged down with the responsibility of the manifest, consider investing in a booking system that will automate the task for you.

Here’s a few things a manifest manager could do for you:

Print Out Your Manifest Each Day

You don’t have to worry about getting to the office extra early in the morning in order to update the manifest with your most recent bookings and cancelations. With a manifest manager, all of those updates are completed in real time, and you can simply press print when you arrive in the morning. Or, even better for the environment, just open your manifest on your mobile device.


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Allocate Resources for Tours

When your manifest automatically updates, your booking system can use that data in order to manage your resources. You won’t have to worry that there are 15 seats on the bus and 18 people booked on the tour. Your resources will be allocated according to the accurate manifest that always contains the most recent booking information.

Tell Drivers Where to Go

The manifest includes various passenger information, such as their names, ages, billing address and the address of their accommodations. The manifest will direct the drivers to where they need to go in order to pick up travelers who have booked the tour.


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Tell Guides Who is Scheduled for Each Tour

In order to deliver a personalized experience, tour guides should study the manifest prior to beginning a tour. This gives them an idea of the age group they are working with, and offers insight into where the tourists are from. Without a manifest manager, a tour guide may have out-of-date information or may be missing information about last-minute bookings. A manifest manager will always give the guides the most recent manifest data, allowing them to deliver the best experience possible.

Make Sure Everyone has Paid for your Tour

The manifest manager will tell you who has paid in full or paid for a part of the tour. You can collect the remaining payments at the beginning of the tour on the spot.

Why not invest in an online booking system that will manage your manifest for you and automate each of these tasks? Not only will it minimize the number of hours you spend each day on administrative tasks, but it also will reduce the overhead costs of operating your tour and activity company. Learn how booking software can save your time and discover MORE of the latest features by registering for our FREE webinar on the new manifest.



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