Marketing 101: How to Drive Bookings during Off-Peak Seasons

Marketing 101: How to Drive Bookings during Off-Peak Seasons

Every tour and activity company is susceptible to the off-season slow down. However, it’s important that you don’t consider this quieter time of year to be a lost cause. In fact, if you market your products properly, you will actually be able to drive bookings during the off-peak season and boost your revenue.

These tips will help you improve your online marketing strategy and increase your bookings during the off-peak travel season:

Build Your Tourism Brand

Developing a global brand identity is critical to generating as much as revenue as possible, particularly during your off season. To build your brand, you need to focus on your online presence. Create an SEO strategy that increases your rankings on the search engine results page. Publish high-quality, accurate content that is fresh and exciting. Solicit online reviews from previous customers and interact with those who are leaving reviews.


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Target Your Audience

During the off season, you need to know your target audience and gear your marketing strategy toward them. For example, if solo travelers make up your highest percentage of tourists throughout the year, you may want to consider a PPC campaign geared toward independent tourists. If you are targeting the powerful Chinese outbound market, you will want to promote your packages on the popular Chinese social media sites that are widely used among travelers.

Offer Rewards and Discounts

Sometimes the weather isn’t great during the off season, or maybe a lot of the businesses in the area close up. Rewards and discounts can offer an incentive to travelers who may be uncertain about booking during the slow season. Rewards such as free upgrades or promotion discounts on the tours that you offer will entice people to book with you, despite the fact that it’s a quiet time of year.


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Create Tourism Packages

The off-season is slow for everyone in the tourism industry, including your competitors and other travel-related businesses in your destination. Instead of trying to compete, opt to work together to create valuable packages that will generate buzz about your destination and encourage people to visit during the off-peak season. Tourists who are willing to visit destinations during the off-season often want to make sure they are getting the best deal possible, so they consider packages to be a beneficial option.

Partner with Distribution Channels

A distribution network filled with a variety of different types of agents is the best way to maximize your exposure during the off season. This allows you to reach many of the most powerful traveler market segments around the globe. You can easily connect with new distribution channels through the Rezdy Marketplace.

By making an effort to generate additional revenue during the slow travel season, you’ll be able to invest more into growing your business and developing your brand. In turn, this will make your peak season better than ever before. To find out more about how to improve your marketing strategy, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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