Marketing Automation and How It’s Relevant for Tour Operators

Marketing Automation and How It’s Relevant for Tour Operators

Marketing automation is the process of automating specific tasks for your tour and activity company that allow you to promote your tours on a variety of channels. These programs are most often used by marketing professionals, but they are still relevant to tour and activity providers, who often have to create their own promotional campaigns.

Why is Marketing Automation Important to the Tour and Activity Industry?

This process automates the services that you provide in order to improve the customer experience. Automation will benefit your travelers from the moment they first visit your website, until several days after they have completed their tour or activity. When you automate the right actions, you will improve the relationship that you develop with your customers and ultimately boost your brand recognition throughout the industry.

Examples of Marketing Automation

  • Targeted Online Advertising — You can invest in online advertising programs that will create banner ads that are targeted to specific demographics of people across the globe. You can target the audience that is most motivated to book your tours and activities by their age, location, and even their interests. Through targeted advertising, you can make sure that the right people are seeing your products and promotions, ultimately allowing you to increase your customer conversions.
  • Facebook Like RequestsAutomatic e-mails can be sent to your customers in order to encourage them to like your page on Facebook. You can send these e-mails out immediately after they book your tour, because this is a time when they are most excited about your brand and the products that you offer. On the other hand, you can send these e-mails out after someone has completed your tours. This allows them to stay connected with your company and share information about your tours to their family members and friends.
  • Review Requests — You also can send out automatic e-mails requesting reviews on popular social networking sites, such as Facebook or TripAdvisor. It is best to send these e-mails out 1-3 days after a customer has completed their tour.
  • “What to Bring” Messages — Make sure your customers are prepared by sending them a reminder of what they should bring on their upcoming tour. You can send this information by e-mail, or you can opt to send an automatic text message to your customers in advance of the tour.

By implementing a marketing automation program, you will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy. Rezdy, an online booking system created just for tour and activity providers, includes many marketing automation features that can benefit your business. In addition, Rezdy provides you with access to a Channel Manager that helps you improve your distribution strategy. Our system not only has the features you need, but it also gives you the resources you want in order to learn more about the industry. In order to find out more about marketing automation and other online marketing techniques, download our online marketing ebook today.

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