The travel season is poised for a comeback, and more people will be looking to book trips in the coming months. From weekend getaways to extensive, luxurious vacations, travelers are planning to pursue every opportunity available to them. In order to capture the most number of bookings during this summer of revenge travel, you will want to take advantage of the latest marketing trends for your tourism business. Here are a few ways to keep up with the latest Marketing trends in 2021:


marketing trends


Marketing trend #1: Transform your customers into your promoters

In today’s era of social media, you no longer need to spend big bucks on newspaper advertisements and giant billboards on the highway. All you need to do is provide your customers with positive experiences and give them the opportunity to share their experiences with others. You can easily transform your customers into your promoters by:

  • Encouraging word-of-mouth marketing. Simply asking your customers to recommend or refer your tourism business to their friends and family members will remind them to spread the word. Many people are so excited by what they have enjoyed while on a tour or during an activity that they will naturally want to share the information with those they know.
  • Incentivizing your customers to complete reviews. Ask them to leave feedback on popular review sites, such as Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor. Enter completed reviews into a raffle and award prizes at random in order to encourage people to submit that valuable feedback.
  • Stay active on social media, and encourage your followers to interact with you. Launch contests that require them to like and share posts. Ask for their feedback in the comments. This will help you develop your social media presence and spread your brand to new followers.


Marketing trend #2: Implement a responsive, mobile-friendly website design

Most travelers today rely exclusively on their smartphones in order to research information and even book their trips. Without a responsive website design, you may be missing out on the largest demographics of travelers in your area. A responsive website is one that automatically adapts to the screen or device that a person is using. A mobile-friendly website is one that is streamlined, includes only must-have features, is easy to navigate and is quick to load.


Marketing trend #3: Partner with micro influencers

Mega influencers are not going to have thousands of followers, but millions of followers — and they are nearly impossible for small businesses to partner with. Micro influencers, however, have a smaller follower base, but they still have significant influence over their market segment. Your tour and activity company should work with micro influencers in order to promote your brand and generate buzz about your business.


Marketing trend #4: Give your customers greater control over their data

Online consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the type of data that is collected and how it is used by businesses. In order to increase trust among your customers, you can prove to them that you give them maximum control over their data. By implementing an independently owned online booking system, you can assure your customers that their data is never shared with third parties or large corporations that may use it for their own gain.


the latest marketing trends



Marketing trend #5: Create and share engaging video content

As an experienced tour operator, you know that your customers are looking for interactive ways to connect with your brand. Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends in your business is important, especially in 2021. One of the best types of content to invest in at this time is video content, this is a great marketing tool for your business. Here are a few ideas for videos that you could use to increase engagement with your target audience:

  • Interview customers and post the videos on social media.
  • Ask your customers to video their experiences and share that content on social media.
  • Partner with micro influencers who can create and share valuable video content.

In order to easily adapt and implement the latest marketing trends into your tour or activity business, you will want to have the best online booking software in place. Rezdy is one of the few online booking systems that is aimed specifically at the tour and activity sector. Its dynamic features and enhancements allow you to seamlessly integrate the latest marketing tools and techniques into your business. For more information about how Rezdy can help you increase your bookings and grow your brand, start your free trial or book your free demo today.

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