Communicating with your customers is an important part of developing your brand and improving your reputation in the tourism industry. As mobile usage rises and an increasing number of people are set out to explore the far reaches of the world, it’s important that you develop an online presence that proves you are committed to customer service. Today’s travellers are looking for immediate confirmation after they book a tour or activity with you, as this gives them the confidence they need to move forward with their travel plans.

Here’s what you need to include in your booking confirmation email:

  • A personalised thank you message — The confirmation booking email should begin by thanking your customer for booking one of your tours and activities. Include their name in order to personalize it and make it seem like you are a welcoming and inviting tour company that is going to deliver a customized experience.
  • Invoice information — For most travellers, the confirmation email is pivotal because it gives them proof that they reserved a spot on the tour and paid for it. The confirmation email that you send out needs to have all of the relevant information about the customer’s invoice, including the price of the tour, the amount paid, the payment type used and the balance on the account. You may also want to generate invoice numbers that are sent out with the confirmation emails, as this can help you verify and manage your manifest each day.
  • Basic information about the tour experience — The confirmation email also should include the information that every customer needs in order to enjoy your tours such as clearly state the starting time and meeting location. For example, if customers are required to meet at your downtown location, you need to give them the address as well as general directions to that spot. If your customers will be picked up by a guide at their hotel, you need to specify that in the confirmation email. Other important information that should be in the confirmation email includes a list of items to bring along on the tour, additional rules about food and beverages and policies that customers should be aware of, such as inclement weather policies or cancellation policies.

While a booking confirmation email is necessary, you should note that you don’t have to devote time and energy to crafting individual confirmations for all of your guests. An online booking software, such as Rezdy, can generate automatic booking confirmation emails that are both informative and impressive. This allows you to save time while also improving your reputation amongst your target customers.

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