New Research: 4 Tourism Trends on User Experience and Design

New Research: 4 Tourism Trends on User Experience and Design

The user experience plays a pivotal role in the online booking journey of any prospective visitor. Your site design and the features that you offer have a direct impact on whether or not that visitor will convert into a customer. To continue increasing your direct bookings and boosting your conversion rate at your tour and activity company, you need to recognize the trends that are taking shape around the globe and make changes that reflect those trends.

Here’s 4 of the recent tourism trends on user experience and design to consider:

U.S. and Canada Dominates Website User Experience and Design

Destinations throughout North America have set the bar high globally when it comes to user experience and design. Their visually-appealing websites include plenty of user-friendly features that attract site visitors and convince users to book directly through them. Many of the best destination sites in North America use visual storytelling as well as the written word to change perceptions and encourage visitors to travel there.

Customers are Looking to Engage with 360-Degree Views

When it comes to trusting a particular travel brand, online users are looking for further proof of the experience that they will receive. Many enjoy the 360-degree views that are now available, because they give them a chance to immerse themselves in a new place before they ever arrive at the destination. Your tour and activity company can use 360-degree videos to showcase your destination or the actual experiences that you offer. It will help you build your online reputation and drive more bookings.

Brands Must be Insta-Worthy of Instagram

Instagram is essentially an endless snapshot album, and it’s a favorite social networking site amongst travelers. Online users who are looking for social proof of what your brand has to offer will head to Instagram to see who has tagged you, who is using your official brand hashtag and what you have shared on your own. You need to remain active on Instagram and showcase the best of what you have to offer through unique, personal and authentic images.

Authenticity Reigns Supreme in Destination Marketing

It’s critical that your tour and activity company is upfront and honest with online users about what you have to offer. Many marketing plans for tourism destinations are focusing on promoting the experiences that can be found at their destinations to the people who crave that type of travel. For instance, if you are a tour company that focuses on action-packed adventures, you won’t want to promote your products to families with young children who can’t participate. Keep it honest and real, and you will get positive feedback about the online user experience with your website.

Keeping your website fresh and updated will allow you to consistently meet the expectations of your potential travelers and to ultimately improve the user experience on your site. With Rezdy, you can create a cohesive website that allows you to accept direct online bookings, which is something that many travelers are looking for during their online booking journey. To learn more about Rezdy and how it can improve your tour and activity company, begin your free trial now.

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