Increasing your direct bookings is important when it comes to boosting your revenue, and your distribution strategy allows you to reach a diverse range of travelers from around the globe. Given these facts, you might mistakenly assume that these are the key profit drivers within your business strategy. Surprisingly, however, new research indicates that the traveler experience may play a larger role than any other factor in your ability to continuously increase the profits at your tour and activity company.

What is the Consumer Experience?

The consumer experience is defined as the experience that a customer enjoys when interacting with your brand. While some tour and activity providers mistakenly assume that the consumer experience is the one in which they intend for their customers, it’s important to recognize that it’s subjective based on the opinions and individual encounters with your actual customers. Positive experiences can boost your brand reputation, while negative encounters can take a significant toll on your ability to increase bookings at your tour and activity company.


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Consumer Experience Trends to Note

  • Technology and AI in the travel industry will continue to shape and impact the consumer experience. More travelers expect artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology to be available to help them make decisions and to ultimately enhance their experience with a brand.
  • Consumers will continue to search for personalized experiences, which requires tour and activity companies to collect valuable data to improve the experience for each individual traveler who books a tour with them.

Takeaway: How to Improve the Consumer Experience at Your Tour and Activity Company

These tips can help you naturally improve the consumer experience with your brand, which will ultimately help you drive profits:

  • Create a vision that your employees can identify with, as this helps them stay focused while working. They need to relate to the vision of your brand in order to provide your customers with the experience that they both expect and deserve.
  • You need to use technology in order to provide a seamless experience from the very beginning of a consumer’s interaction with you. Travelers today want to be able to book directly with travel brands online, and many are relying more on their mobile devices to complete travel arrangements.
  • You have to tap into your customer’s emotion throughout every stage of their booking journey. When you are in tune with their emotions, and you strive to meet their needs on a personal level, you will develop brand loyalty with your travelers. Brand loyalty is critical to continued growth and development within your business.
  • You must hold yourself accountable. If you promise a particular experience and ultimately fall short, then you need to promptly provide a satisfactory resolution. Integrity is absolutely necessary to brand development.

Creating and implementing an effective revenue management strategy that values the customer experience requires you to invest in the best technology in the industry. Rezdy is the only booking technology that is designed specifically for tour and activity providers. Find out how it can revolutionize your business by learning the ‘language of travel’ by downloading the ebook today.

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