Updated January 2023 – As you ring in the new year, you might be thinking about all of the exciting and innovative tour and activity products that you will be launching this year. This is the perfect time to begin planning for new offerings, and you will want to go about it the right way.

At Rezdy, we’ve compiled these tips to help you have a successful start to the year!

Identify Your Target Audience

Knowing who will want to book your tours and activities is essential to succeeding in this industry, particularly if you are launching new products. For example, if you traditionally offer sightseeing tours but you are now adding adventure experiences, such as kayaking or mountain bike riding, you will want to identify a new traveler segment to market your tours too. In all likelihood, a different group of people will be interested in these types of tours, so you may need to adjust your marketing strategy.

Evaluate Your Competition

Study your local competitors and see what they are doing differently than you. Take note of anything you feel they are doing that is working better, and also identify their setbacks as well. Create products that will be unique from your competitors, offering something that your customers may not be able to find anywhere else. This may include adding extras to your tours, such as camera equipment rental or a souvenir. It might mean that you need to adjust your pricing in order to be more competitive and attract additional travelers to your local versus the competition.

Update Your Marketing Campaigns

The ultimate New year's guide to success fr tour operators

As you create a marketing strategy for the new year, you will want to highlight the latest tours and activities that are available through your tour company. This is the ideal time to focus on your new offerings, as it will generate buzz for your brand while also offering insight into what’s new and special at your company. If you have never invested in a pay-per-click advertising campaign, now might be the ideal time to launch one. Consider promoting your new products on social media, and also reaching out to past customers in order to let them know that there is something new to experience at your location.

Launch Your New Products

Once you have finalized your products and updated your marketing strategy, it’s time to launch! Create an informative product sheet with all of the relevant information about your new tours, and distribute them to your agents. This is a good time to reconnect with your agents, and also to increase your distribution network.

Whether you are delving into the adventure market or you are hoping to begin promoting eco-tourism products, the new year is a great time for a fresh start.


Setting up your tour and activity business for success in the new year is definitely a goal that many operators have. Utilizing an online booking system for tour and activity operators – such as Rezdy – allows you to advance your business to greater heights. Rezdy equips your tour company with the possibility to start accepting online bookings and connections to the industry’s biggest resellers.

Rezdy’s online booking software equips you with advanced tools such as:

  • Real-time availability viewer
  • Automatic guest communication
  • The ability to accept online payments
  • Automatic manifest updates
  • The ability to create gift cards and promo codes
  • and many more

Furthermore, as a Rezdy booking software customer, you’ll have instant access to the industry’s largest distribution network. Rezdy Channel Manager connects you to over 25,000 active resellers ready to promote your services.

Using Rezdy Channel Manager is as easy as:

1. Listing your products
2. Setting your commission rates
3. Letting thousands of agents and resellers resell and promote your products

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