For many tourism business owners, going it alone can be a point of pride. But in modern times, doing so could potentially hold your business back from reaching its full potential. The right network supports growth, and there’s a raft of support and services that can help your business thrive.


Here are four key areas where it’s worth reaching out and working together. 

      1. Partnering with resellers and OTAs

Having modern tour and activity booking software is now a must to ensure you can take bookings directly on your website, but direct bookings are just the tip of the iceberg. Over 81% of tour and activity operators in Australia and New Zealand are working with online travel agents and resellers. With an option like Rezdy Marketplace you can seamlessly show your real-time booking availability to popular resellers such as TripAdvisor. Get these resellers to boost your bookings, with thanks to their marketing and extensive customer bases. You can negotiate and set commission rates as agreed, and your online activity booking system takes care of the rest. Simple! 

      2. Keeping up with industry trends 

It’s difficult to offer your customers a top guest experience if you’re not tuned into what’s happening in the wider industry. The pandemic has been such an example, with customer demographics changing rapidly over time. There are several industry authorities that can help you stay up-to-date with tourism industry trends, including the World Tourism Organization and localised options such as Tourism Research Australia. Here at Rezdy we aim to provide regular industry insights to help you stay at the top of your game. And of course, your own data and analytics within Rezdy tour management software can help you optimise your seamless customer experience.

      3. Staying across government support and assistance

In many countries including Australia and New Zealand, there can be government-funded services, grants, webinars and marketing programs available to provide support to the tourism industry. This support can be general in nature, or developed in regards to specific events such as bushfires or COVID-19. These initiatives and programs are there to help, so it’s well worth checking in for any assistance your business could access and use – particularly in challenging and uncertain times. 

    4. Networking with other providers in your area

Having a local business network can provide comfort, clarity and even surprising new working relationships. These might be closely aligned with your tour and activity business, or have elements in common. For example, a whale watching company might partner with a local jeweller who produces beautiful ocean-themed jewellery for compelling cross-promotion. It’s always worth attending networking events in your area and staying open to new ideas – you never know what could achieve!


No tourism operator should be an island. Here at Rezdy we’re all about developing travel and tourism software that supports your business and helps you thrive. Subscribe to our Rezdy blogs for helpful guides, and contact us today for an obligation-free 21 day trial of our tour booking software.  

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