From lockdowns to travel bans, navigating the new world during the COVID-19 outbreak for tour and activity operators is a challenge.  There’s plenty of advice, tips and tricks out there, but how do you select what to go after? What are meaningful actions tour and activity operators can do today that will set your business up for success come recovery?

Recently, the team and I have been reviewing email content we’re receiving. What’s driving us to click and engage, and what isn’t. One of the emails we came across was one from a client of ours: Bali Food Safari.

Who is Bali Food Safari?

Traditionally, Simon Ward and the team from  Bali Food Safari’s offer travellers unforgettable food tour experiences. Taking guests  through world-class culinary establishments in Indonesia’s iconic travel destination.

More recently, they have started exploring new pivots within their business online during the COVID-19 outbreak.

How has Bali Food Safari’s approached email nurture marketing differently?

In a recent email communication, Bali Food Safari decided to face into the pandemic. Knowing travel restrictions currently made visitation to Bali close to impossible, they called on their strength and tapped into the wants and needs of their foodie audience.

In a simple, but clever gesture, they provided a simple Balinese recipe including ingredients and method.

Bali Food Safari tonic method

Why does this work?

Bali Food Safari’s audience will inherently lean toward foodies. Also, specifically a more adventurous foodie not shy of trying new things. 

Providing a simple recipe that too many would seem exotic is genius. It gives subscribers the opportunity to effectively ‘try before they buy’ by attempting the method at home. Assuming the recipe becomes a big hit, attempting and tasting the drink suggested will leave Bali Food Safar’s top of mind when the world is able to explore the fantastic experience on offer.

Beyond that, it’s aligned to the themes of the day. The tonic selected has known health properties local to Bali. A nod to the current global health context. The email states: 

“Jamu Tonic that can aid in digestion, contains anti-inflammatory and cancer properties, as well as lime which provides high levels of vitamin-c. This tonic can be enjoyed daily and help improve your overall wellbeing during these difficult times.”

It’s not tone-deaf to the going-ons around us. It’s thoughtful and empathetic and inherently creates a desire to follow the method provided, and keeps their audience sticky to the brand. A forward-thinking approach for now, with an eye on the recovery in the future.

Quick tips and ideas to apply to your  tour and activity:

  1. Tell a story.

    Don’t shy away from the pandemic. Explain where your business is at this moment during the outbreak and why you’re communicating with them

  2. Add value

    . Think of the people that have subscribed to your database. Why have they subscribed? And what digital content could you offer to engage and entertain your audience?

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask.

    Past guests are sitting on videos and photos of your experience that they could be willing to share. Ask your audience to submit them to you, and package that content up in a secondary email communication (you can also use this in your social media channels).

  4. Early bird discounts.

    Offer a returning guest, or subscriber an early bird discount for future travel. People want something to look forward to. Read our ideas on creating Early Bird Discounts to sure up cashflow during COVID-19.

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Written By – Ricki Hudson – Marketing Manager – Partnerships & Acquisition, Rezdy

Ricki has worked at Rezdy since 2018. Ricki has nearly 15 years of marketing experience, predominantly in the tourism sector. Ricki is passionate about helping the sector grow through strong eco-systems and networks to the betterment of the industry.

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