One Must-Have Website Feature in Order for Google to Rank you

One Must-Have Website Feature in Order for Google to Rank you

Online visibility is necessary to growing your brand and increasing your exposure to a diverse range of traveler market segments. To boost your visibility and ultimately maintain it, you need to utilize SEO best practices that will help you achieve a top ranking on the Google search engine results page (SERP). However, without one critical feature on your website, you’ll never get one of those coveted spots.

What’s this one feature? It’s actually quite simple: A responsive web design is the essential website feature that you need to be ranked highly on Google.

What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

A mobile-friendly website is one that works cohesively on a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet. It needs to be a cleaner, simpler version of the original website that was designed for a desktop platform. Large buttons, minimal text and powerful visuals are often key components of mobile-friendly websites. Beyond that, a true mobile-friendly website will have a responsive page design. Responsive web design is a type of design that will automatically adapt to whatever screen the user is utilizing at the moment.

How to Verify Your Responsive Web Design

For several years now, Google has been using mobile-friendly design as a factor in its algorithm. But in recent months, it has put an increasingly higher weight on this feature, ensuring that only mobile-friendly sites earn the premier spots on the SERP. Perhaps you think your tour and activity company website adapts to mobile platforms — but are you completely sure? Now is a great time to test your responsive web design. Google actually provides a mobile-friendly test that website developers can use to see how it performs under the current algorithm.

Adapt Before It’s Too Late

If the test reveals that your site does not perform as well as you thought on mobile devices, now is the time to adapt. If you don’t, you’ll notice that your search engine ranking will quickly fall. This diminishes your visibility online and prevents the most motivated travelers from finding your page. As you well know, most people will not scroll past the first few results on the SERP. In addition, the website visitors that do find you may quickly become frustrated with your page design. If they can’t get what they need within a few seconds, they’ll likely move on to another tour and activity operator who offers easy mobile booking.

Not only is a responsive web design critical to earning a top spot on the SERP, but it’s also necessary to attracting visitors and converting them into customers. An increasing number of travelers are relying on their mobile devices to book their tours and activities. Without a mobile-friendly website, you’ll miss out on these customers and you may start to see your business head to other competing tour and activity companies.

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