Online distribution can be intimidating for small tour and activity operators, but honing in on those online distribution agents who will really encourage growth is essential to boosting your bottom line.

What types of distribution agents can I partner with?

#1 OTAs (online travel agencies)

An online travel agency can be utilized by a traveler in order to book everything they need for their trip in one place. There are also specialised OTAs that focus exclusively on selling on tours and activities.

  • By working with an OTA, your business gains exposure to an otherwise untouched audience. Although the commission per online booking can be costly, this makes it worth it.
  • You will probably get more direct bookings as a result. Some people like to book directly on your branded website after discovering it through an OTA.

#2 Experience gift retailers

Some websites exclusively sell experiences, making them a perfect match for tours and activities. While some people use these sites to buy experiences for themselves, many use them for gift-giving.

  • There is a growing market for experiential gifts, especially among those aged 18-44 (Source). An experience is seen as being more valuable than just accumulating more ‘things’.
  • You become someone’s gift to a family or friend – and emotional buyers aren’t cheap when they buy gifts for others (Source).

Gift cards distribution agents

#3 Daily deal sites

Daily deal sites are those that offer discounts on a variety of products and services, including tours and activities.

  • Coupons increase awareness of your business, thanks to the army of deal-seekers who subscribe to these sites.
  • It’s easy to measure success – simply count how many were sold.
  • Useful for encouraging repeat customers.

Which online distribution agents integrate with Rezdy?

Global partners

viator_logo_footer distribution agentsViator is the world’s largest OTA for tours and activities. Click here to learn how you can get connected.
backpackerdeals distribution agentsBackpacker Deals is a niche travel website offering deals for the growing student and youth market around the world. Click here to learn how you can get connected.
expedia distribution agent' width=Expedia is one of the largest OTAs in the world and has a large network of affiliated brands. Click here to learn how to connect with Expedia.
getyourguide distribution agent' width=GetYourGuide reaches a different audience in that it lists activities based on where they are as well as what they are. Click here to learn how to connect with GetYourGuide.

Australia & New Zealand

rbredballoon300 distribution agentsRedBalloon is an award-winning experience gift retailer in Australia & New Zealand. Click here to learn how you can get connected.
Logo-200x200---PNG24 distribution agentsGifts That Thrill is one of Australia’s longest running online experience gift retailers. Click here to learn how you can get connected.
ntstandby distribution agentsNTstandby is the largest home-grown OTA in Australia’s Northern Territory. Click here to learn how you can get connected.
freemanx distribution agentsFreemanX Experience has been in the business of matching amazing experiences to amazing people for over 10 years, across Australia and New Zealand. Click here to learn how you can get connected.

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