Optimization Means More Mobile Bookings for Tour Operators

Optimization Means More Mobile Bookings for Tour Operators

Our smart devices allow us to do literally anything while we are on the go. Today’s travelers no longer sit down with a travel agent in their office in order to discuss the options for their upcoming vacation.

Instead, they research destination ideas on Pinterest and then look up reviews on TripAdvisor from their mobile device. They expect to be able to access your tour and activity company’s website, easily navigate the page, and book your tours right from their device.

Mobile bookings for tour operators are on the rise across the globe, and the time is now to optimize your website. 

Why is Mobile Optimization So Important?

More and more customers are looking to do everything from their devices, and now Google has taken notice.

Google recently rolled out a new algorithm on April 21, 2015. This algorithm favors mobile-friendly websites, and ranks them higher than websites that are not optimized for mobile platforms.

Quite literally, if your website is not ready for mobile use, then you are about to drop in the search rankings significantly. Google has called the algorithm change “significant” and website developers are taking this to heart.

If your Google search listing does not have “Mobile-Friendly” currently listed next to it, the time is now to evaluate your mobile optimization and begin updating your website.

Tips for Optimizing Your Tour or Activity Website for Mobile Devices

Keep the design of your website clean and simple. People using your website on a smartphone or tablet are looking for quick information, visual elements and easy-to-use features.

One of the most important mobile features for tour and activity providers is a “book now” button that allows customers to create a booking from all their device.

Investing in online booking software that instantly integrates with your mobile website is the best way to offer your customers real-time availability and live bookings.

Include links to your social media pages. Mobile users are more likely to connect with you on social media, so you want to make it easy for them to find your pages.

Optimize any videos or images that are on your website so that they can easily be viewed on a mobile device. Avoid using flash on your website because it can be slow to function on a mobile device and frustrate the end user.

Make sure that your page will load quickly and completely, and test the time it takes for it to load on all devices. According to one study, 74 percent of mobile users will leave a webpage if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load.

Your tour and activity company needs to partner with an online booking system that understands the importance of mobile technology, and can easily integrate with your mobile website.

At Rezdy, we appreciate the power of mobile devices and we want to help our customers use mobile platforms to their advantage.

To find out more information on marketing your products to a mobile audience, then read our mobile strategy ebook today.

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