You know the value of a first impression, which is why you make sure that your tour buses are tidy and your waiting space is clean as well as comfortable for your guests. But for many travelers, their first impression of your business actually occurs online. An increasing number of tourists are completing their own research online before booking a tour, which makes your website a pivotal part of your branding strategy.

These 10 tips will help you optimize your website that you get more direct bookings for your tours and activities.

1. Make your website easy to explore.

Your site visitors should be able to easily discover the information that they want about your tour and activity products. Invest in a responsive web design as well so that mobile users have a seamless experience.

2. Use “Book Now” buttons on all of your landing pages.

Clear, large “Book Now” buttons ensure that all of your site visitors know how to book their tours and activities online. It also serves as a reminder on each page.

3. Incorporate vivid images into your website design.

High-resolution photographs of people in your target audience enjoying your experiences is the best way to offer visual proof of your products.

4. Allow your visitors to easily communicate with you.

In addition to a contact us page that includes your e-mail address, physical location and phone number, consider adding chatbots to your website to provide your visitors with information in real-time.

5. Don’t forget to add videos to your website.

Videos are highly-engaging multimedia content that is particularly useful for tour and activity operators, as it gives your prospective visitors an understanding of what you have to offer.

6. Tell your story.

Sharing your history and a little bit about yourself is a way to personalize your website and to connect with your prospective visitors.

7. Display your live availability.

Most travelers are going to want to know if you are available during their upcoming trip. Instead of forcing them to contact you for more information, offer your live availability in a prominent place on your website.

8. Clearly outline your tours, activities, packages and promotions.

Include the name of your tour or package, a description of the experience, photographs and the current rate. Make sure this landing page is visible and easy to access.

9. Get social.

The best social networks for tour and activity providers are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

10. Sync your online booking system with your website.

Invest in an online booking system that easily integrates into your website and allows your site visitors to book directly with you online. Select an online booking system that also offers secure payment process, automatic confirmation e-mails and other valuable features.

For travelers, your website offers their first pivotal glimpse into your business and the experiences that you offer. Make sure that first impression exceeds their expectations! To learn more about promoting your tour and activity products online, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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