In December, we had a bunch of valuable updates to Rezdy – private resources, voucher records, and more!

Here are all the juicy details.

1. Resource improvements

We massively improved our Resources feature:

Private resources

This is for those of you who would only like to accept one order or booking per resource – regardless of the quantity booked.

For example, if you have a helicopter with 3 seats, but those seats are never shared between two partes, then regardless of whether a booking is made for 1 person or 3 persons, it’s the only booking that resource will allow.

A non-limited resource

This allows you to roster your resources without affecting your availability.

For example, tour guides or surf instructors can be assigned to your sessions to keep track of who is scheduled.

System speed

We released a massive improvement to our core algorithm, so using resources with overlapping sessions is now 1000x faster!

Click here for the full tutorial on how to set up these Resources features.

2. Voucher records linked to Orders

Track how your Vouchers have been used! Each Voucher will now have a Recent Actions log, showing the Orders that the Voucher is linked to.


Click here for instructions on how to access this log.

3. Detailed history through Action Logs

You can now see all changes made to Sessions in your Calendar through your Action Logs.


You also have the ability to click on items to be brought to the Session which has been edited.

4. Agent Order improvements

You can now add an Order directly from the ‘My Agents’ window in the Channels tab.


5. Facebook sharing option

We’ve added a new feature which allows your customers to “Tell my friends I just booked” on Facebook.

Click here to learn how to activate this feature.

What’s Next?

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