February comes with 2 major operational improvements, allowing for more flexibility to Product availability settings.

Link Availability between Products

If you have multiple Products that have the same start and end times, or if you want to create different variations of the same Product which is incredibly handy when creating additional Products to cater for different languages, by linking the availability you will not need to create additional Sessions in your Calendar.

Link Availability
This is the first of many new soon to be released features which will improve the overall efficiency of the Calendar, and alleviate a good portion of the admin work involved when creating new Sessions and overall maintenance of your Rezdy Calendar.

Limit Availability by Price Option

A good use for this feature would be if you have a set amount of Resources i.e. Kayaks or Bikes. Another great example is a cruise Product, where you simply want to limit the amount of Child seats. Other scenarios can involve:

  • reserved seats on a boat i.e. divers vs spectators
  • set amount of large bikes vs medium bikes
  • reserved seats on a plane i.e. skydivers vs instructors
  • set amount of Adult kayaks vs Child kayaks

Please continue to help us improve upon our awesome system by dropping in your suggestions and ideas to our Feature Request forums.

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