We are pleased to announce some major improvements to the Mobile Manifest. Introducing two new sections; Pickups and Resources, keep reading for more info.
We’ve also given all Rezdy emails a face-lift! The emails that Suppliers, Agents, and mutual Customers now receive have a natural flow overall with a less rigid feel about them. More importantly, we’ve made vital information like Tour start times, Pickup times/locations clearer and more prominent.

Mobile Manifest

We’ve made some major improvements to the Mobile Manifest which is now split into 3 main sections:

  • Sessions section is where you see all Sessions for the day, we’ve improved the Check In process by adding a quick Check In button, additionally you’ll be alerted with a message when checking in an Order with a balance owing.
  • Pickups section allows your Drivers to see exactly when, where, and who they are picking up, which is now conveniently grouped and ordered by pick up time. Please note: this section is used in conjunction with My Pickups.
  • Resources section is a great way to see exactly how many Resources are being used for the day, total confirmed participants per Resource, essentially showing an overview of each Resource’s daily workload.

New Email Designs

We have completely revamped the emails that you, your Agents, and your Customers receive giving them a less “receipt” feel and more of a human touch overall but at the same time, a fresh and professional look.

We’ve also heard your concerns and made vital sections, areas, and important information more prominent and clear like Activity start times, Pick up times and locations, and a comprehensive breakdown of purchased items.

Additionally we’ve added some backend customisation, allowing for more sections of the email to be displayed, or not ,depending on the email template.

Click here for a preview!

Please continue to help us improve upon our awesome system by dropping in your suggestions and ideas to our Feature Request forums.

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