Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our Feature Request forums. We’re pleased to announce the following new features:

Limit Extras by Availability

By setting limits on Extras, you can up sell even more equipment and never worry about running out of stock! Your Customers are alerted to any sold out Extras for the day, and proceed to checkout

Limit Extras by Availability

Bounced Email Alerts

Typo’s occur more often than not, entering the wrong email address can result in your Customers not receiving important information contained in email notifications, like meeting and pick up points. Never leave a Customer behind by opting in to receive an email alert each time important email notifications bounce.

Abandoned Cart Email Alerts

Receive an email alert each time a Customer abandons their online purchase. Reach out with a call, follow up emails, and marketing information to encourage your Customers to complete their purchases.

Please continue to help us improve upon our awesome system by dropping in your suggestions and ideas to our Feature Request forums.

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