Why Quality Certificates are Really Important in the Tours and Activity Industry

Why Quality Certificates are Really Important in the Tours and Activity Industry

Trust is one of the most important components of your business. Agents need to trust that you will offer valuable products to their customers, and they need to feel comfortable with the experience that you provide. Your own customers need to trust that you are going to enhance their travel experience with a tour that is informative, fun and unique. While being a reliable, friendly and proactive tour operator is one way to build trust, there are other ways to build it within the industry.

What are Quality Certificates?

Quality certificates are special tools that are available within the industry that set your business apart from others. In addition to enhancing your website with high-resolution photographs and videos, you also should strive to earn these quality certificates in order to build trust amongst your customers and agents. One of the most desired quality certificates in the travel industry is the Certificate of Excellence that is offered by TripAdvisor. This is a label that only certain tour and activity providers earn after they have proven to be one of the best in the industry in their particular destination.

Why are They Important?

Travelers and agents turn to the Internet in order to research about potential options that are available in any given destination. They use a variety of tools and resources in order to decide if a business is trustworthy. Most people will look at photos and videos in order to validate the experience they are about to book, and many travelers read through reviews in order to receive honest feedback about a tour and activity provider. Quality certificates are awarded by third-party sites, and therefore are considered to be more trustworthy than your own marketing materials and promotions. When a traveler or agent notices that you have a quality certificate, they will know that an objective party has validated your business and they will be more likely to trust you.

How Can You Earn Quality Certificates?

Each quality certificate has its own set of parameters and guidelines associated with it. On Trip Advisor, for example, you need to have a certain number of reviews on your profile, achieved a four-star rating and have been active on the site for a year before you are eligible for their Certificate of Excellence. You should read through the guidelines for each quality certificate in order to learn how to receive these awards.

Quality certificates are just one way to build trust with your customers and with your agents. Partnering with agents and having them resell your tours and activities is one of the best ways to grow your business, and it’s important that you understand how to build a solid distribution strategy. Rezdy, an online booking system that features a Channel Manager and Marketplace, actively works to help you build your network within the industry. In order to find out more information on developing a distribution strategy that works for your business, download our distribution ebook today.

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