How to advertise online – Re-engaging your customers with Adroll

How do I advertise online?

In simple terms, re targeting is how you advertise online – it helps you connect with customers who interact with your business on the internet. 

How re targeting works, in steps:

1. Someone visits your website.

2. They leave.

3. Adroll helps you advertise online by showing them banner ads for your business.

Use re targeting to:

  • Bring people back to complete their order
  • Run promotions
  • Let existing customers know what’s new
  • Grow brand awareness

How does it work?

It all starts with a cookie. They’re everywhere on the Internet. Think of a website that you are a member of —Facebook, for example. Have you ever noticed that once you’ve signed in, you don’t have to sign in again the next time you visit? Or, have you ever noticed that when, during your lunch break one day, you Google ‘holiday destinations in France’ and then the next time you go onto Facebook there are ads everywhere for hotels in Paris? Well that is done through the magic of cookies – tiny data packets stored in your browser that turn the Internet into your Internet.

That’s how re-targeting works. When someone visits your website, your SmartPixel places a cookie in their browser. As long as that cookie remains in their browser, Adroll will recognize that they’ve been to your website and help you reconnect.

Do I get to choose where my ads appear?

You decide where you want to serve your ads, on the wider web or Facebook, or anywhere you nominate. Adroll will work to make sure that every impression counts by reaching the right visitor at the right time to get them to convert.

How do I create an account?

To create your account, You will be prompted to fill out a form with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Email: Adroll recommend using your business email, but any email where you are able to receive important account information will do. You can view and modify your email preferences once your account is created.
  • Website URL: Enter the URL of the website that you will be re targeting.
  • Password: Make sure your password is memorable! Create a password that contains a mix of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters (!@#$%^&*).

How do I activate my account? (Install Snippet)

To activate your account you will need to add your unique AdRoll SmartPixel to your website:

  1. Copy your SmartPixel
  2. Paste it (unaltered) in the HTML of your website right above the end </body> tag, or in the universal footer. Make sure your SmartPixel is firing on every page of your website.

Comprehensive instructions for activating your SmartPixel can be found at:


Yes!  Adrolls Design Squad is ready to handcraft ads five web ads in different sizes and one Facebook ad for you, free of charge with your first campaign. You can order them from your dashboard. Submit your request with your:

  • Destination URL: Where do you want your visitors to land after they click on your ad?
  • Brand guidelines: What characterizes your brand? Are you more formal or are you keeping it casual? Explain who you (your business) are.
  • Logo and other brand assets: Adroll will need your logo. The rest is optional. If you have any other images that you want Adroll  to incorporate into your ads, send them over to Adroll.

It takes Adroll 10 business days to deliver your ads.Launch your first campaign. Adroll will automatically upload the appropriate ad(s) to your campaign when they’re ready.

Can I use my own ads?

Of course!

First, make sure that your ads comply with the following formatting and content guidelines. Adroll works with over 500 partners and exchanges, Please take the time to prequalify your ads so Adroll can approve them right away!

When your ads are ready, you can upload directly to your first campaign. Alternately, if you’re not quite ready to launch your first campaign, upload them to your Ads library.

How do I launch a campaign?

Key steps below:

Quickstart guide to campaign launch

Click the “New Campaign” button under Start Your First Campaign

Step 1: Facebook or web

  • The web is good for reach: Adroll serve your ads everywhere your visitors go, not just Facebook.
  • Facebook is good for social engagement: visitors can like, comment, and share your post with their network.

Step 2: Basic campaign settings

  • Budget: The amount you want to spend each week on re targeting. You’ll need to budget at least $25.
  • Schedule: If you do not adjust this, your campaign is set to start immediately with no firm end date (you can specify an end date later). Your campaign run time should be at least two weeks.
    • Start Date: when you want your campaign to start serving.
    • End Date: when you want your campaign to end.
  • Geo targets: Geo targets can be set to include or exclude specific locales.

Step 3: Audience

  • If you are running a general brand campaign or just getting started, select “All Visitors“.

Step 4: Ads

  • If you’re working with Adrolls Design Squad for ads, skip this step.
  • To upload your own ads, drag and drop your files or browse for them.

Step 5: Payment and review

You’ll need to enter a credit card or link PayPal to launch your campaign.

If you have promotional credit to cover your full weekly campaign budget, you will not be charged when your campaign is approved to run. You will only be charged when your promotional credit runs out.

Setting Up Customer Segments

One of the strengths of the AdRoll platform is that you can segment your visitors to target ads based on which pages of your site were viewed. You are also able to exclude visitors who have already purchased (“converted” customers) from continuing to be served re targeting ads from your campaign.

Category or Product Segments

  1. In your AdRoll account, go to Manage > Segments & Conversions.
  2. Click Add New Segment at the bottom right corner of the Segments section of the page.
  3. Leave the Audience radio button selected under Type.
  4. Fill in a Name for the segment.
  5. Type in the first portion of the URL for the category or product page which, when visited, will cause the AdRoll system to put the visitor into this new segment group.*
  6. Fill in the Duration with the number of days that you would like visitors to be considered part of the segment.
  7. Click Save Changes to save your new segment.

*This URL can vary depending on whether or not you have Enable SEO Friendly URIs or Use Hyphens (-) instead of Underscores (_) checked at Marketing > SEO.

Potential URLs that you could use in AdRoll for categories/products on your store include:

  • /product_p/ProductCode*
  • /category-s/CategoryID*
  • / ProductNameShort-p*
  • / LinkTitleTag_s*

Note that a ” * ” in AdRoll is a wild card value that will ensure that the segment is logged based on the first part of the URL, regardless of the rest of the URL.

Converted User Segment

    1. In your AdRoll account, go to Manage > Segments & Conversions.
    2. Click Add New Segment at the bottom right corner of the Segments section of the page.
    3. Select the Conversion radio button under the Type menu.
    4. Fill in the Name for the segment. (ex.: “Converted”)
    5. Fill in the URL field with ” /OrderFinished.asp* ” (with no quotation marks).
  • Set the Duration  for how many days you would like to exclude your converted customers from your AdRoll campaign(s).
  1. If you would like to use AdRoll’s advanced reports to track ROI, then enter your estimatedConversion Value.
  2. Click Save Changes to save your new segment.

Now, your converted user segment is fully set up. When you begin to set up a new ad campaign, you will be able to select to Filter Out this Audience Segment. On the same page where you select to exclude this converted user segment for your campaign, you can also Target specific segments of users who visited certain product or category pages.


Does my SmartPixel need to fire on every page of my website?

Technically no, but we recommend that it does as a best practice. If your Smartpixel is not firing on a page, then we are not capturing any activity on that page. If you place your SmartPixel as instructed, you should only need to place it once for it to fire across every page of your website.

If you have an online shop, make sure that your SmartPixel is also active on your cart or checkout pages. For some shops, checkout occurs on a different domain ( than store pages. If so, you’ll need add your SmartPixel to those pages separately. If you do not do this, we will not be able to target your highest-intent segment (cart) or know when someone successfully completes a purchase.

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What’s next?

While you wait for your campaign to be reviewed, consider taking these next steps:

Browse Adrolls guides and reports for helpful tips on refining your campaign strategy.

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