Creating a distribution strategy is the first step toward marketing your products on a global scale, but the next step is implementing that strategy. In order to distribute your tours and activities, you need to network with travel agents who are willing to sell your tours. The key is finding the right agents who will form partnerships with you and will become reliable agents who bring in a high number of customers. Here’s a few ways to recruit good agents and increase your distribution network:

Connect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social media platform that specializes in professional networking. Through LinkedIn, you will be able to find interested travel agents who are focused on increasing their product availability for their customers. As your form your professional network on LinkedIn, you can showcase the fact that you offer live availability to agents and instant commission payments. This will encourage agents to learn more about your company and the tours that you provide.

Attend Travel Shows

Travel shows are hosted across the globe and they serve as a meeting place for many different types of professionals within the industry. As a tour and activity provider, you can meet and greet with travel agents who might be interested in the products that you provide. Come ready to discuss the options available through your company, and highlight how easy it is to book your tours.

Go to Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are designed with professional networking in mind. At these shows, you will learn more about the industry as well as have an opportunity to meet with agents who will resell your tours and activities. When you attend trade fairs, be sure to bring your marketing materials and promotional items along with you, as this gives agents something tangible that they can bring home with them. It will serve as a reminder of the products that you offer, and will give them the incentive they need to connect with you through your innovative channel manager.

Read Travel Magazines

There’s a good chance that you already subscribe to several industry publications in order to stay abreast of the latest news and developments in the world of travel. As you read through these magazines, be sure to pay attention to the advertisements. Many qualified travel agents will advertise in these publications in hopes of obtaining new customers, but you can use it as an opportunity to expand your professional network.

Connect on Rezdy

There are many Travel agents on Rezdy’s marketplace. Find the right person to start a partnership with, by sending reaching out to them.

The best agents will want to work with you if you are a reliable tour and activity provider who boasts positive feedback online and a simple booking process. In addition, you will need to display your live availability across all of your channels in order to make it easy for them to promote your products to their interested customers. With Rezdy, an online booking platform designed for those in the tour and activity industry, you have access to a Channel Manager that allows you to significantly improve your distribution network. For more information, download the Rezdy online distribution ebook today.

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