Updated August 2023 – In the ever-evolving landscape of the tourism industry, the role of travel agents remains a pivotal one. These agents not only facilitate journeys but also serve as the bridge between tour operators and travelers, effectively shaping the experiences that explorers embark upon. Through their expertise, personal touch, and industry insights, travel agents breathe life into itineraries, turning them into captivating narratives of adventure and discovery.

However, as the industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, marked by technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and global events, it’s crucial for tour operators to do more than just keep pace. To thrive in this dynamic environment, they must adapt their strategies and curate effective collaborations with travel agents. A successful strategy can significantly promote tour sales, customer satisfaction, and the overall growth of the partnership.

In this article, we’ll be going through the 8 tips for tour and activity operators in order to build a successful partnership with travel agents and get them to sell your experiences.

Understanding the modern travel agent landscape

The journey of travel agents from brick-and-mortar agencies to digital powerhouses is a testament to the transformative impact of technology. The rise of online platforms such as Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), social media, and mobile apps has completely changed the playing field for travel agents. In order to keep up with the changing landscape, many travel agents have had to digitize their operations in order to stay competitive.

It’s beneficial for tour providers to not only stay ahead of the current state of the industry but also stay attuned to emerging innovations. By being agile and adaptable, tour operators can collaborate effectively with travel agents to achieve greater success, whether that be in the form of creating effective digital marketing strategies, curating appealing travel packages, or simplifying the overall booking process.

Building strong partnerships

Crafting enduring partnerships that align with both the goals of your tour company and of the travel agent can lead to increased tour sales and enhanced customer experiences. Find out how you can take the initial steps of building a strong partnership with your reselling agents.

Identifying the right travel agents

Selecting travel agents that resonate with your target audience and tour offerings is essential. It’s important that you research their track record, reputation, and client base. However, the world of travel agents is diverse, encompassing various specialties and niches. Understanding the different types of travel agents and their areas of expertise can significantly aid tour operators in identifying the perfect collaborator for their business.

Here are some points to consider when identifying the right travel agent for your tour and activity business:

1. Research and referrals: Start by researching travel agents who have a track record of success in your tour’s niche. Ask for referrals from industry contacts and fellow tour operators to find agents with a proven reputation.

2.  Match values and vision: Look for agents whose values align with your tour brand’s vision. A shared commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and ethical practices ensures a strong partnership.

3. Evaluate customer base: Analyze the client base of potential travel agents. Are their clients similar to your target audience? This alignment can lead to more effective collaboration and reeling in new customers.

4. Communication and compatibility: Initiate conversations with potential agents to gauge their communication style, responsiveness, and enthusiasm. A strong working relationship is built on open communication and compatibility.

5. Negotiate terms and incentives: Discuss terms of collaboration, commissions, and any incentives you can offer. A mutually beneficial agreement fosters enthusiasm and commitment from travel agents.

6. Assess marketing efforts: Examine the marketing strategies and online presence of potential travel agents. Their ability to market your tours effectively is crucial for boosting sales.

Tailoring your offerings

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to travel agents. Customization is a powerful tool for capturing their attention. Crafting specialized travel experiences and packages or modifying existing tours to cater to their clients’ preferences can set you apart and lead to increased bookings.

Equipping travel agents for success

the future of travel

A travel agent’s effectiveness in selling your tours hinges on how well they are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to advocate for your tours. Here are a few tips that will ensure they can promote your products effectively.

Comprehensive training

Educating travel agents about your tours empowers them to confidently sell your offerings. Develop comprehensive training materials, host webinars, and ensure agents have a deep understanding of what you provide. Knowledgeable agents are better equipped to showcase the unique value of your tours.

Providing engaging marketing materials

Equip travel agents with captivating marketing materials for your tourism and travel products – high-quality images, compelling videos, and vivid descriptions. Keep these resources up-to-date to reflect the latest trends and improvements. These materials serve as beneficial tools in order to gain travelers’ interest.

Seamless communication and collaboration

Build a strong partnership with travel agents

Effective communication and collaboration are the foundation of an effective partnership. The ability to seamlessly exchange ideas, updates, and feedback ensures that both parties remain aligned and responsive to the evolving needs of your potential customers and your target market. Here are some strategic ways to promote effective collaboration.

Open channels of communication

Transparent and consistent communication between tour operators and travel agents is fundamental. Some channels of communication you can employ could be in the form of:

  • collaboration tools such as a project management system, or a communication hub
  • regular email updates that keep the agents informed about tour enhancements, availability changes, and any developments that might impact their sales efforts
  • periodic check-ins via video calls or phone conversations enable tour operators to foster a personal connection with travel agents

By keeping your partnering agents well-informed, you’re developing a confident advocate for your tour business.

Incentives and rewards

Incentive programs can be a driving force behind increased sales. Implement tiered rewards based on sales performance to motivate travel agents. Monetary rewards, exclusive experiences, or even recognition can fuel their enthusiasm to promote your tours.

Leveraging technology and data to expand your distribution channels

In today’s rapidly evolving travel landscape, staying ahead requires more than just traditional strategies. This section explores the dynamic intersection of technology and data in boosting tour sales.

Utilizing an online booking system

Utilizing an online booking system, such as Rezdy, offers advanced features that streamline booking processes, delivering a user-friendly experience for both tour operators and travel agents. The integration of Rezdy’s booking system allows travel agents to effortlessly access real-time availability, pricing, and tour details. This ensures that travel agents always have accurate information at their fingertips, minimizing booking errors and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Automate the reselling process

Seamlessly connecting via Rezdy Channel Manager takes the efficiency of collaboration to the next level. By connecting via Rezdy Channel Manager, you can automate the entire reselling process, enabling travel agents to effortlessly access and promote your tours. This automation saves time, reduces administrative workload, and ensures that travel agents can focus on what they do best – selling your exceptional tours. Furthermore, Rezdy’s distribution platform simplifies commission management, bringing a new level of simplicity and transparency to the partnership.

As a Rezdy booking software customer, you’ll have instant access to Rezdy Channel Manager.

Analyzing data for improvement

Tracking sales data is more than just tracking numbers; it’s deciphering patterns, identifying trends, and understanding what resonates with your target audience. Rezdy’s reporting tools empower tour operators to gain real-time visibility into their sales performance. This data-driven approach enables operators to identify which tours are performing exceptionally and which might need adjustments, leading to optimized offerings and increased tour sales.

To find out more about Rezdy’s reporting analytics tools, click here.

Expand your distribution channel with Rezdy

The travel industry is a dynamic realm, and adaptation is the key to sustainable success. By leveraging a distribution platform like Rezdy’s tour operator marketplace, tour, and activity providers have the opportunity to connect with over 25,000 active resellers. This includes large Online Travel Agents such as Tripadvisor, Viator, Expedia, and GetYourGuide, other travel businesses looking to resell your tours such as information centers and hotels, or even other local travel agents.

Using Rezdy Channel Manager is as easy as these simple steps:

  • Set your price
  • Set your commission rate
  • Choose the agents to resell your tours and activities
  • Switch the connection on and off whenever you want to


Collaborating effectively with travel agents isn’t just about selling tours – it’s about creating a relationship that benefits your tour company as well as the agent. By understanding the modern travel agent landscape, building strong partnerships, equipping agents with knowledge and resources, fostering seamless communication, and leveraging technology, tour operators can amplify their sales channels and get travel agents to sell their tours successfully.

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