Rezdy Culture Care Initiative in Raleigh

Last week, our dedicated team in Raleigh spent time volunteering at the local branch of Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. As part of the exciting change up in team culture throughout the business, each employee now has a fantastic opportunity to dedicate two days each year for volunteer services scheduled by Rezdy, during office hours.

So, why are we doing this?

It’s an opportunity for the Rezdy teams to give back to the communities that have supported us as we’ve grown, and also:

      • It’s a great feeling! No matter how tough you think your life is there’s always someone who has to face challenges that are even tougher than yours!

It’s enhancing our company culture

      • We work every week together but how much do we know of one another? This opportunity gives us a chance to connect and find commonalities!

It helps us attract the best talent

  • You and our new hires are looking for social responsibilities as added perk! Get paid to do volunteering work during office hours

Increases employee happiness & productivity

  • We all know the happier we are the more output we give. Let’s help others to make us happy!

Improved Brand Perception

  • We get to wear our awesome Rezdy shirts… now what’s not awesome about that??? These days our customers value organizations that take a public stand and give back to the community… This could mean more leads, happier customers – #winning

Volunteer organization

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle

The Food Shuttle saves 6 million pounds of healthy food from being thrown away and re-routes it to these people in need. Almost 35% of what we distribute is fresh produce. This food comes from retail food donations, the Food Shuttle Farm, volunteering food drives, and field gleaning.

Contact person:

Group Volunteer Task

Warehouse Warriors by volunteering at our Food Shuttle Warehouse! Volunteers will assist our Food Shuttle staff with various tasks to help maintain, store, and prepare for food distribution.

  • Loading and unloading food shuttle trucks
  • Transfer, consolidate, organize and restock crates with food recovery donations
  • Sort through food recovery donation – check expiration dates, dented cans, and categorize food per program
  • Egg inspection – clean, examine, and prepare for food distribution

Why we choose Warehouse Warriors?

  • Almost 604,000 North Carolina households don’t have enough to eat.
  • North Carolina is the 10th hungriest state in the nation.
  • Almost 1 in 5 children in North Carolina faces hunger on a regular basis (24.6%).
  • Over 15% of our seven county service area faces food insecurity, that’s over a quarter of a million people.

The food, both Rezdy teams sorted and categorized is going specifically to young children. In our 7 county area alone, over 121,000 children applied to receive free and reduced-price lunch. That’s almost 53% of school-aged children in these public school systems. Almost 18% of all children in our seven-county service area face the threat of hunger.

Good nutrition is critical in the first years of life, and childhood food insecurity can lead to developmental, health and behavioral problems, as well as make it more difficult to concentrate and do well in school.

Our first group volunteered Wednesday 29th May 2019 @9:00-12:00pm, and included crew members:

  • Ben Strom
  • Nate Wireback
  • Andrew Galley
  • Michaela Wehner

Our second group volunteered Thursday 30th May 2019 @9:00-12:00pm and included:

  • Nicole Zarate
  • Kevin Lovinger
  • Brandon Yow
  • Jake Vincent
  • Guillaume Kozinski

Here’s some of the team’s Feedback from the day:

  • “Awesome to be able to help kids in need”
  • “I had lots of fun today and getting to know Ben better as not had chance to talk to him in the office”
  • “I didn’t know there were so many children in our area that go hungry, so sad”
  • “I definitely do this again”
  • “Proud we got to help feed hungry children”
  • “Loved the experience of volunteering”
  • “Great team effort”
  • “Loved to help again and even try one of the other great initiatives like handing out the food to Seniors or distributing food from the food truck”

Stay tuned as more initiatives in the community are rolled out over the coming months, and across all of our global offices. And be sure to share the LOVE!


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