Updated May 2022In the competitive world of the experiences industry, being ahead of the bookings game can sometimes be a struggle. Whether that be staying on top of your marketing strategies, being active on social media, or constantly having to answer any inquiries that may come through, capturing bookings is not an easy game. However, what if we told you that there’s a tool that can help you deal with all of these tasks and ultimately put your tour and activity business on auto-pilot?

Introducing Rezdy Channel Manager, an all-in-one distribution channel manager and a tour operator marketplace, designed specifically with tour operators in mind. With Rezdy Channel Manager, you can expand your reach, accept bookings from multiple avenues, and grow your revenue without lifting a finger.

What is the Rezdy Channel Manager?

Rezdy Channel Manager is an all-in-one online travel marketplace that offers you instant distribution strategies for your tours and activities. By using this tour operator marketplace, you can access the reach of 20,000+ reselling agents within the tourism industry from all over the world and sell to potential customers of millions.

Rezdy’s tour operator marketplace also lets you avoid the costs associated with finding and developing new distribution channels. On the platform, you can name your price, set your rates, and let reselling agents sell your products. On top of that, Rezdy will also take care of collecting payments and paying commissions, so you don’t need to worry about getting paid when partnering with different types of travel agencies.

Now, you may be wondering, how much will it cost me to have access to this tour operator marketplace, and what will be the fees involved? 

Joining Rezdy Channel Manager is completely free! You’ll only be charged a small fee per booking and the commissions you’ve set for resellers. When it comes to your commission, you have the freedom to set your rates. You can either set your commissions as a percentage of your tour price or as a fixed rate. Within your account, you can also select negotiated rates with some of your preferred resellers. Alternatively, you can also set a standard rate across or a mix of both.

Either way, Rezdy allows you to stay in full control of how you set your commissions and the resellers you wish to work with.

How this tour operator marketplace can help you increase your bookings

Increase bookings with a tour operator marketplace

Being a supplier on Rezdy Channel Manager opens you up to a wide range of benefits and key features including:

Growing your local footprint by connecting to local resellers

Promoting your business during travel restrictions to locals or tourists may be a challenge. However, working with local agents, accommodation, hospitality operators and other travel companies can become a powerful partnership. Through Rezdy channel manager, you have the ability to share your products and your set commission rates. Local resellers can then resell your experiences to their guests and receive a commission based on the rates you set.

Expanding your reach by connecting with large OTAs

Trust is more critical now than ever. People are more likely to shop through channels they’re more familiar with and already know. Commercially known platforms like online travel agents (OTAs) receive high amounts of daily visitors from around the world looking for their next travel adventures. Through the Rezdy Marketplace, you’ll be able to get your product in front of a ready-made global audience by connecting with a large online types of travel agency companies (or OTAs) such as Reserve With Google, GetYourGuide, Expedia, Viator, Musement, Tripadvisor, booking.com, Klook, and more...

By utilizing OTAs and other large resellers to actively resell your unique offerings, you’re able to showcase your products in front of your future customers, however, they choose to shop.

Managing all your distribution partners centrally

Rezdy Channel Manager is an easy-to-integrate tool: you can simply invite your existing agents, or build a collection of new ones. Once set up, you’ll be able to keep track of all your commissions, agreements, and payments from one central dashboard. This is especially handy when it comes to reporting time.

Simplifying your channel management

Stay on top of your admin duties and avoid human error. By joining our channel manager platform, you can manage availability, adjust pricing and block dates out. Keep all your sales channels updated and ready to take bookings in real-time from a single, easy-to-manage platform. We build and maintain multiple technical connections to reseller systems so you don’t have to.

Automating your finances

Increase your Marketplace exposure and automate payments, commissions, and refunds by setting up standard (‘Marketplace’) rates. Connected resellers will be able to see your products and the commissions you set. If they’re happy with it, they can instantly place a booking with your business based on your real-time availability. This eliminates the need to navigate multiple relationships just to make money.

Can you make extra income on our channel manager platform?

Male extra income through a tour operator marketplace

The simple answer is, yes. Aside from selling your tours on Rezdy Channel Manager, you can also resell other providers’ services that may complement yours. On our channel manager platform, you can search for and connect with other complementary businesses in your area. Promote and sell their products alongside your own, and receive sales commissions to give your bottom line a boost. It literally pays to work together!

For example, if your business is located in a rural area, you can partner with a transportation company and resell their services. Not only will it simplify your customer’s transportation process, but you’ll also receive extra income from the commission you’ll receive by reselling their services.

Being a reseller on Rezdy Channel Manager is a simple and easy way to generate extra income. You’ll be able to:

Resell amazing experiences through a tour operator marketplace

No matter the travel experiences you provide, whether that be day tours, sightseeing tours, multi-day tours, adventure travel, and more, we ensure you have the best and widest choice for your customers. It’s as simple as selecting your inventory and embedding products into your website. With new suppliers connected daily, you will always have experiences ready to offer customers at your fingertips.

Book experiences instantly

Products listed at ‘marketplace rates’ can be booked instantly at the commission shown – no negotiation required.

Check live availability

Get instant confirmation for your customers around the clock. The availability of products listed is updated in real-time to ensure nobody is disappointed.

Automatic payments

The extra income and commission you’ll receive is surely the fun part of reselling experiences. With automatic payments, you can be sure to be paid for your hard work on time.

Track commissions at a glance

Tracking your commission and reporting has never been easier: get clear reporting on your commissions by source, order, product, and date so you know what products are making you the most money and where to focus your efforts.

Stay in control of your customer data

Your data is safe and will never be shared. Your customer lists are yours alone – to nurture, retarget, promote and upsell to.

How to get started?

Access to Rezdy’s tour operator marketplace is included with any of our online booking software plans but that’s not the only option! We work with a growing number of alternative booking softwares and ticketing partners, suppliers with custom booking solutions, and more who connect to our network through our open API

Still wanting to learn more about Rezdy’s Channel Manager platform or need help integrating? Book a demo today or talk to our team today to find out more.