Rezdy, a new online reservation system for the tourism industry, has launched an easy and effective solution to improve the way Tour Operators sell their tours and activities: enable online bookings. Rezdy focuses on the management and online distribution of Tour Operators’ products. This solution will help to drive the sales and growth for operators in Australia.

In the meantime, Martin Ferguson, Minister for Tourism, announced earlier this month the importance for Tour Operators to have an online presence and booking capabilities, describing the need “as vital for tourism growth”. Therefore, Rezdy booking system is right on time. Article available on

This real time online booking software aims to fill this gap by providing the technology to allow customers to book directly on Tour Operators’ websites. At the same time is allows the latter to save time on their booking management system and helps them reaching new customers so that they can spend more time on strategic activities.

Figures show that around 36% of Tour Operators have no online reservation system, 30% are accepting bookings via emails and only 14% do have a reservation system when 62% of customers would be willing to book online if they had access to the technology. This is a growing and promising market that Rezdy is eager to penetrate.

After developing the idea for years, Rezdy has developed its product and is expected to launch on November 1st 2011. “We make it easier to book directly on your website, manage your bookings and distribute your products. Unlike some of our competitors we don’t simplify, we make it simple. We take extremely powerful tools available to major companies (such as dynamic booking, secure payment gateway, geo-localisation, cross selling, dynamic packaging, last minutes…) and we make them accessible to anyone.” Simon Lenoir, CEO.

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