SafeTravels has partnered with leading travel booking platform Rezdy. Travel Agents, Tour Operators, and Activity Providers across 88 countries use Rezdy as a marketplace to sell and book travel products and services in real-time. It makes perfect sense for SafeTravels to partner with Rezdy to offer our very first integrated platform.

The partnership between SafeTravels and Rezdy creates a seamlessly automated process for travel companies using both platforms to provide a mobile app solution to their customers. Whenever a travel booking is made on Rezdy, all booking information is automatically transferred to SafeTravels where the travel companies’ customers can view all their trip information in the SafeTravels mobile app. This platform integration has allowed for all bookings made in Rezdy to be automatically created in SafeTravels containing all booking details and customer information.

The Rezdy platform can be connected to the SafeTravels platform in a matter of minutes. All the travel company needs to do is add their Rezdy API key to the SafeTravels app. For Travel Agents, a unique trip will be created in the SafeTravels application for each travel booking made in the Rezdy platform and you can control when your customers will receive the invitation to download the SafeTravels app which will then provide them with access to the booked trip in the SafeTravels platform.

Further, travel companies using the integrated Rezdy solution will be able to benefit from all other SafeTravels features such as:

1. Mobile Itineraries. Provide your customers with every detail of their itinerary, notes, and documents in a mobile app that they can access – even when offline.

2. Real-Time Updates. When itinerary information is modified, customers will be alerted of the change through a notification on their phone.

3. Personalized Messages. Create personalized reminder messages that will automatically send to your customers before their activities. This is customizable according to your needs.

4. Tour Guides. Detailed destination guides for over 700 global cities and counting.

5. Create Your Own Branded Mobile App. The SafeTravels app allows travel companies to create their own branded version of the SafeTravels app to provide a unique branded app.

6. Communication Solution. Be able to communicate with your customers before, during, and after their trip by sending group updates or direct messages.

7. Collection of Data. Collect important safety/emergency information from your customers such as emergency contacts, travel insurance details, medical information, etc. that will be accessible by the Travel company in case of an emergency.

8. Up-Sell Additional Products/Services. The SafeTravels platform accommodates the ability for travel companies to sell additional products and services to their current customers. These up-sells are linked directly to the activities in the customer’s itinerary and can be automated based on where the customer is and the type of activity the customer is signed up to. For example, a travel company is able to up-sell another related activity to its current customer.

Ultimately, the SafeTravels application creates a platform for both travel agencies and activity operators to maximize earning potential by leveraging time-sensitive offers and relationship-based products to their customers based on their current trip itinerary. These offers will be linked directly to the agency’s or operator’s Rezdy-enabled website and payment gateway.

SafeTravels will soon provide additional features allowing customers of travel companies to search and book additional travel products directly in the SafeTravels app by utilizing the Rezdy payment gateway.