Travel industry businesses, including tour and activity companies, are constantly buzzing with news of the latest and greatest market segment to target. In recent years, it’s been all about the Chinese outbound market, which is known for its lavish spending and tech-savvy booking preferences. However, perhaps the market that everyone should be talking about is the Indian outbound market.

According to a recent report released by Amadeus, the Indian travel market is expected to increase annually by about 12.8 percent throughout the next decade. Indian travelers are keen to see the world, and they aren’t afraid to spend a bit of money to do it.

What You Need to Know About the Indian Luxury Travel Market

  • Of all 25 countries analyzed in the Amadeus report, India is predicted to have the highest growth rate during the next decade. This means that it is the up-and-coming market to target for your tour and activity company.
  • Indian travelers aren’t afraid to spend money in order to enjoy a luxury travel experience. The average Indian traveler will spend between 500,000-600,000 rupees on a short-term vacation. For a longer getaway, they may spend up to 1 million rupees, or the equivalent of about $15,000 US.
  • Indian travelers are targeting specific destinations for their travels. Some of their favorites include the United Kingdom, Bali, Italy, Dubai and the Seychelles.

Tips for Attracting Luxury Travelers to Your Tour and Activity Company

  • Create a distribution strategy that is designed to attract luxury travelers from powerful outbound markets. There are specific OTAs geared toward luxury travel, and they can help you significantly increase your luxury bookings. In addition, partner with Indian OTAs that are well-versed in the needs of this emerging market segment.
  • Design tour products that appeal specifically to luxury travelers. For example, many Indian travelers are looking for unique and authentic experiences. Create a tour that offers a personal guide for luxury travelers that will show them the places that locals enjoy in your destination. You also might want to add other luxurious extras, such as access to professional camera equipment or a delicious meal as part of the tour.
  • Don’t forget about packages that cater to special events. Travelers from around the world are more willing to invest money in travel opportunities in which they are celebrating a milestone. Anniversaries, graduations and other major life events are often celebrated with a trip to an exotic destination. Create tours that will enhance these celebrations and ultimately attract the luxury travelers who are commemorating them with a trip abroad.

Luxury travelers from India are looking for unique and exclusive tour products, but they also want a simple and convenient booking process. With an online booking system in place that comes complete with an innovative channel manager, you will increase the likelihood of capturing a share of this powerful market segment. To learn more about how Rezdy can help you increase your bookings amongst luxury travelers, begin your free trial today.


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