Unlock sales growth by offering attractive promotions

It’s no secret that promotions and discounts can help drive business at your tour and activity company. It can be difficult to manually implement new promotions every few weeks. Instead of being held back by the difficulties of designing and implementing your own promotions, use the right tools to create a promotion to drive sales opportunities.

How can an online booking system help you with leisure business growth?

  • It allows you to create promotional codes and discounts that other agents can use to sell your products.
  • It allows you to schedule promotions in advance.
  • It allows you to offer promotional codes on your website and through your social pages, making it easy to attract new customers.
  • It allows you to gain incremental revenue for future bookings.

What are some promotions to consider for your tour and activity business?

  • Referral Discounts — Offer these promotional codes to travelers in order to entice them to refer your business.
  • Last-Minute Booking Discounts — Offer this type of discount when you need to fill those last couple of spots on your next tour.
  • Daily Deal Vouchers — Use daily deal sites to promote exceptional discounts that will generate a significant number of bookings.
  • Upselling Packages — Create packages that include additional amenities or products that will attract a different market segment.

There are many travelers who won’t book a tour or activity unless they have a discount, so offering a promotion to drive sales opportunities is an excellent idea.

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