Creating an Instagram profile and launching a feed on the image-centric social networking site is not enough. Your tour and activity company needs to be able to generate a significant number of followers — some of which are past customers, future travelers or simply those who enjoy seeing pictures of faraway places on their feeds. In addition, you need to get the likes and comments necessary to stay relevant on the feed and improve your brand identity.

Here are two tourism businesses that have successfully used Instagram in order to promote and grow their brand:

Tourism Australia — Given the fact that Tourism Australia has more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram and averages about 56,000 likes per post, it’s safe to say they know how to promote their brand on Instagram. They post vivid, colorful and interesting photographs that are designed to increase engagement and spark interest amongst their followers. Just a quick glimpse of their feed would make anyone want to book a trip to Australia in order to experience the Land Down Under.

Livitaly Tours — This is a smaller travel brand that focuses on providing authentic and unique experiences in Italy. It only has 5,000 followers, but each post garners around 300 likes. This is particularly high engagement for a brand with relatively few followers. The photos that they choose capture the distinct feel of their tours and convey their overall brand message. Both travelers and those who are simply interested in Italy enjoy checking out the images that this travel company shares on its Instagram page.

Interesting side note about Tourism Australia:
Their strategy to find such awesome content is not based on spending heaps of their own time taking photos. They encourage their followers to send in their own photos, which are then re-posted and credited to the person who took them. This allows Tourism Australia to access a massive pool of content that they do not need to spend heaps of time generating themselves. They are not the only successful Instagram account to do this – they are just one of the most notable examples of it. There is nothing stopping you from employing the same tactics!

How Can You Improve Your Instagram Page?

  • Be creative with your photographs. Try not to be overly promotional, instead try to offer your followers a glimpse into what one of your tours and activities is like on a daily basis. A snapshot of the sunset on your evening mountain bike tour or a photo of a bunch of grapes growing at a local vineyard that you visit on your winery tour will be more effective than repeated pictures directly related to your brand.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant and trendy. Hashtags allow you to extend your reach beyond your target audience and give you access to new groups of people who may not have considered your tour and activity company unless they discovered your Instagram page. In addition, always use your brand’s official hashtag in order to broadcast your identity to the social media realm.

Promoting your tour and activity company on social media is a cost-effective way to market your products and increase your bookings. In addition to utilizing the various social media platforms, you also should consider implementing a distribution strategy that allows you to connect to industry agents who can help you resell your tours and activities. This is the best way to maximize your bookings and improve your brand recognition around the globe. In order to find out more about distributing your tours and activities, download the Rezdy distribution ebook today.

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