The name of your tour should be compelling, and your tour description should be both vivid and inviting. But that’s not going to get customers to book your tours and activities online. Travelers are looking for visual proof that your products are as amazing as you say they are, which is why they want high-resolution photographs to scan through on your website. Without photos and other visual elements, your website is going to be a wasted investment in your business. While you probably know that photos are a critical part of your online presence, you may not realize the SEO potential that they have.

At Rezdy, we recommend that you use alt tags on all of your activity pictures on your website. Here’s why:

Alt Tags Describe Your Image

When you set an alt tag for a particular image, it is linked to that image and is used to describe it. They are a critical component of placing images on your website, because they can be used as an aid if the image does not load or the user does not have enough bandwidth to see the image. With an alt tag in place, they understand what image is supposed to be in that spot. For instance, if you have a photo of a whale breaching, you could use the alt tag “whale breaching Maui tour.”

Alt Tags Make It Easier for Search Engines to Interpret Your Images

Your SEO strategy is designed in order to improve your rankings in the search engines, which means that you need to design your site so that it can easily be crawled by the most powerful engines, such as Google. These search engines are great at crawling through editorial content on a page, but they have a more difficult time reading and interpreting images. When you include an alt tag, the search engines know what your image is about and can decide if it adds value to your page.

In addition, alt tags double as anchor text for images that are linked on your website. You know that links are a powerful tool in developing your online presence, so it’s imperative that linked images have alt tags that accurately and effectively describe them. Alt tags can be incorporated into any image, even if you are just using a stock image to display on your website.

In order to create a good alt tag for your image, you will want to think of a descriptive phrase that defines your image. You should definitely incorporate your SEO keywords into your alt tags, as this will help increase your images’ visibility and improve your rankings in the search engines. The trick to including keywords, though, is to use them naturally. The search engines quickly pick up on shoddy, keyword-stuffing techniques, so avoid this at all costs.

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