Having sold-out tours and activities is such a fantastic problem to have – but there’s a handy feature in your Rezdy activity booking system that can help you to get even more from those in-demand sessions!

Activating the waiting list feature enables interested customers to register their interest in booked sessions, and to be notified if a vacant spot becomes available. Here are the various ways adding waiting lists can really benefit your tourism business.

Your waiting list can solve last-minute vacancies

Last minute cancellations and no-shows can be a hassle, but there are several strategies to both minimise and manage these vacancies as they arise. Waiting lists are ideal, because you can simply call the interested guests and offer them a last-minute spot on the tour or activity you already know they’re keen to attend. All the guest information is gathered by Rezdy’s online tour tour reservation system so you can easily contact them and let them know when and where to gather.

Waiting lists enhance your guest experience

Consider this experience from the guest’s perspective. They’re disappointed that a tour or activity is booked out, but they can still show that they’re interested. If a vacant spot becomes available, the guest receives a personal call from your business to encourage them to attend. Your waiting list in Rezdy allows you to provide highly individualised customer service and give more customers what they want – double-win.

waiting list in your tour company

A waiting list provides a sense of exclusivity

If you offer small group tours or activities, your waiting list can act as a great way to build a sense of exclusivity for these experiences. If guests can register their name to a waiting list when they see the words SOLD OUT, they’ll probably be less likely to look elsewhere for a similar experience – increasing the chances they’ll book at some point with your business.

Waitlists provide opportunities for future marketing and experiences

Seeing a long wait list on particular tours or activities? It can be a clear sign that there’s demand for that activity offering or time of day. You might expand the customer limit for that activity, or add another session on another day. Waiting lists are a great way of gaining valuable business insights in addition to the booking analytics in your Rezdy tour scheduling software.

If you’d like to set up waiting lists, you can simply tick ‘Enable waiting list for this product’ on any of your tourism offerings. And if you’re yet to experience Rezdy’s seamless tour and activity booking software for your business, why not check out the many benefits

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