It seems that every day is some sort of holiday. From International Coffee Day to National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day, people are always looking for an excuse to celebrate something. Luckily for tour and activity operators, these calendar events can easily be used to promote your tour products.

When you implement the right tour booking software, you can easily synchronize your calendar events with your marketing campaigns. Here are a few of the benefits you may realize when you leverage calendar events with your marketing strategy:

Your marketing campaigns and promotions will be memorable

Certain events occur throughout the year that are particularly memorable for consumers. It’s best to leverage these first, because prospective travelers are going to be looking for great deals when these occasions arise each year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two consumer-driven days in which travelers are on the hunt for promotions. You can use these times to encourage instant bookings or repeat bookings for your clients. For instance, your Black Friday promotion could provide discounts for bookings made on that day as well as an additional discount for a future booking. This helps you generate revenue twice from the same customer.

You can plan in advance when you coordinate with calendar events

Calendar events typically do not change from year to year, which allows you to plan in advance for your marketing campaigns. Valentine’s Day is always going to fall on February 14, so you can begin working on your romance package or promotional discount for the holiday several months in advance. One of the best ways to take advantage of the marketing opportunities for calendar events is to create a schedule at least a year in advance. This will help keep you organized and will allow you to roll out your promotions in a timely manner.

You can quickly and easily promote your event-related campaigns

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Of course, the only way to make sure your calendar events campaigns are effective is to promote them. You’ll want to start generating buzz about your deals in the weeks leading up to the event. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Share information about your promotions on social media.
  • Send out automatic e-mails through your tour booking software.
  • Add a landing page to your website detailing all upcoming promotions and events.

Calendar events provide you with an opportunity to get creative while taking advantage of the consumer desire to grab great deals at these specific moments.

Rezdy is the premier tour booking system for tour and activity operators, and it’s designed to be an intuitive activity booking software that allows you to create and implement effective marketing strategies. With Rezdy, everything is organized in one convenient portal, making it easy to design calendar event promotions and allow your customers to take advantage of them when booking directly with you.

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