There’s a lot more to being a Tour Guide than it seems. You’re either made for it, or you’re not. Take this quick quiz to see if you’re cut out for running tours and activities.

If you scored perfectly, then great! Get out there and start running tours! But if you’re not all that ready, then all is not lost. You can always work towards it.

Remember that every tour guide needs to be:

  • Punctual – Have a strong grasp of time. This applies to being on time for tours and also the speed with which you speak and move tours along.
  • Organised – Be well dressed and know the structure of your tours.
  • Sensitive to group needs – A natural sense for how people are feeling, and a desire to make everyone feel comfortable and safe.
  • Prepared for medical emergencies – A First Aid certificate is essential because a group of people are under your care.
  • Accurate – In quoting interesting facts and figures you must be able to recite what you’ve learned accurately and with confidence. Be honest when you aren’t entirely sure.
  • Knowledgeable – Being able to converse with the tour group about where they are from is essential in making them feel included.
  • Engaging – Being a captivating storyteller is essential, and your personality plays a big part. You should be approachable, friendly, and relaxed.
  • A leader – You need to be able to manage a gruop of people without making them feel uncomfortable.
  • Open to feedback – You will undoubtedly receive feedback, some of which you may not like, so you should be able to deal with it well and use it constructively.
  • Mature – Be able to take on responsibility and also be sensitive to other peoples’ cultures.

Where can you hone your skills?

Plenty of educational institutions will have some kind of “Travel & Tourism” course that you can attend.

Also, if you want to be focused on a particular type of tour or activity, then head over to your local trade association for that tour or activity. There you can learn about what professional courses you can take, and many will be able to direct you to businesses that regularly offer traineeships and apprenticeships.

In addition to the above, you will have to obtain a First Aid certificate.

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