As a reservation system, one of your core duties is to help your customers manage their businesses more effectively. Whether it’s helping them get more bookings via their website, creating a better guest experience, saving time, or automating processes, you are the lifeblood of their business.

When it comes to generating revenue for a tour and attraction business, the trend toward online sales continues to grow. In fact, from 2019-2021, online direct website booking increased by 6% while offline direct decreased by 5%. Direct sales are loved by all, but what do your customers do when they aren’t selling out their inventory via direct bookings? How do they address unsold inventory? And how do they increase their brand’s reach in a global world? 

Many operators turn to Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) to help sell their products. OTA’s are web-based marketplaces that allow consumers to research and book travel products and services. These brands, in many cases, have far greater visitor numbers than a typical tour supplier could ever achieve. They have ready-made global audiences that trust them to provide tour and activity recommendations and are a viable solution for suppliers who are looking to sell more of their products or services and are willing to pay a commission for those sales. Over the course of the last 2 years, in fact, we’ve seen this segment grow as well; OTA bookings now account for 1 in 4 supplier bookings. And that’s just for OTAs – there are far more resellers out there that should not be discounted, each with a different set of strengths e.g: local travel agents with repeat customers, hotels & concierges that capture travels in destination, information centers for travelers seeking advice & more. 

That begs the questions, “do you know how distribution channels affects your customers today?” or “how do you support your customers in diversifying their revenue streams?” Some helpful thought starters might be:

  • Who within my customer base would be interested in selling more tickets?
  • How many of my customers are interested in working with resellers?  
  • How many are already using OTA’s?
  • What challenges might they be dealing with in working with resellers?
  • Will a more advanced distribution offering set me apart from competitors?

Most ticketing software companies are hyper-focused on providing the best software product for their suppliers – and it’s already a big task! Those product offerings usually include things like – online bookings, scheduling, waivers, marketing, reporting…the list goes on. Do you also offer up an easy way to access distribution and channel management? If you don’t or it’s still limited, it will be important to start considering your options to stay ahead of the competition. It might seem like a big challenge but know that you don’t have to tackle it alone.

Rezdy Channel Manager is an easy way for you to provide your customers with seamless connectivity and channel management without having to do all the work yourself. Through one API integration to Rezdy, you can help your customers access thousands of different channels, automate distribution, manage aspects of their products including rates and availability & maximize their business revenue via a live two-way sync. Rezdy will do all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on your primary objective of providing the best ticketing solution for your current and future customers. 

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About Rezdy 

Rezdy is the world’s leading independent online booking and distribution platform, powering the experiences industry. In operation since 2011 and now in over 130 countries, Rezdy helps tours, activities & attraction providers as well as resellers, get more online bookings. In addition to its highly-rated Booking Software, Rezdy offers the most progressive Channel Manager distribution platform with award-winning connectivity to major online travel agencies and thousands of additional resellers around the world – accessible regardless of reservation system or size of business. Their platform also connects travelers in-destination with Rezdy operators by empowering resellers such as accommodations, to simply and effectively promote tours & activities, thus saving time and improving their guest experience. Rezdy processes over $1.3 billion in experiences revenue through the platform every year on behalf of suppliers.  

Learn more about Rezdy’s solutions for operators, resellers, and other reservation technology businesses at In addition, connect with Rezdy on LinkedInFacebookInstagram, and sign up for Rezdy’s newsletter to stay up-to-date.


Written By – Justin Turner – Senior Sales Director at Rezdy

Justin Turner is the Sr. Sales Director in Rezdy’s Channel Manager group. With over 10 years of experience in various technology spaces, he helps tour, attraction and activity providers leverage distribution to grow their businesses through Channel Manager awareness and adoption.

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