Updated January 2022 – Not only are today’s travelers booking online, but they are increasingly turning to convenient and affordable tour packages that meet all of their needs. As a tour operator, you might be looking for ways on how to sell tour packages online effectively.

In this article, we will go through the 8 key tips to consider when selling tour packages online. By promoting and selling tour packages correctly, you’ll have a higher chance of increasing your bookings.

But before that, what are tour packages?

Tour packages are packages that include multiple elements of vacation rolled into one. These packages may include a combination of accommodation, transportation, activities, and more sold together. By purchasing tour packages, travelers don’t have to worry about creating their own itinerary, or sifting through the many options available to them. And in most cases, tour packages come out to be more cost-efficient than buying each service individually.

Now that you have an understanding of what tour packages are, let’s proceed to the 8 key tips on how to sell tour packages online.

8 tips on how to sell tour packages online 

When selling tour packages online, you need to create packages that appeal to your market

First thing’s first. To successfully sell tours online, you need to create enticing packages for your target market. By understanding your target market, you’ll understand what they want and how to effectively market towards them.

For example, if you’re trying to target ‘generation x’, you’ll come to understand that you’re mostly targeting a group of people that prioritize family-friendly tours. On top of that, they also seek affordability and the ability to relax and unwind when on vacation above any other factors.

Understanding your audience will help you curate the perfect tour packages and allow you to understand how to sell tour packages online that cater to a specific target market. 

How to promote tour packages effectively through your marketing

Creating an effective marketing strategy or a plan on how to promote tour packages, is an important element of generating sales. Through marketing, your customers will discover your business and understand the different services you offer, including your tour packages. 

Handing out flyers may get you a few bookings, but with the majority of your future customers booking via online platforms, it’s important your marketing is online too. 

In order to enhance your online marketing, it’s best that you:

  • Ensure you have a mobile-friendly website with 24/7 online booking 
  • Advertise via social media and/or paid search
  • Create quality content on your website and social media to drive organic traffic 
  • Request customer reviews through automated follow-up messaging
  • Make the most of your customer database by sending personalized email marketing
  • Maintain cohesive branding and storytelling across all channels for a rich customer experience.

Optimize your website

tips on how to sell tourism packages

Now that your future customers have discovered your business through your marketing, their next point of contact with your business is your website. Having an optimized website that’s both user-friendly and easy to navigate will add to a positive customer experience that will ease the booking process.

Key features of an optimized website include:

  • A mobile-friendly experience
  • Enhanced page speed
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Content that is both appealing and useful
  • Ease of navigation (i.e schemas, CTAs, efficient booking process)

To be able to accept online bookings is also essential for an optimized website. It allows your customers to book instantly and reduces your admin duties.

For instance, an online booking system like Rezdy provides your customers with real-time availability, automatic updates and reminders, and an easy and secure payment process. On the flip side, Rezdy also helps your business prepare for last-minute bookings/cancellations by automatically updating your schedules and manifest. This allows every member of your team to be informed and prepare for any sudden changes.

Keep your pricing consistent

Create a price early, and remain consistent. The price for your package should be established at least a year in advance. When creating a price for the package, be sure to take into consideration all of your operating costs, including equipment, staff, marketing, meals, maintenance, and product development.

Partner up with resellers

Working with resellers is becoming an increasingly popular method to boost booking levels and generate multiple streams of income. By promoting your packages via resellers, you’re increasing your exposure and awareness to a wider audience. 

There are many ways you can partner up with agents to resell your products. One method is to join a tour operator marketplace that connects you with thousands of agents ready to resell your products.

For instance, Rezdy Channel Manager connects you instantly with thousands of resellers across the world. With Rezdy Channel Manager, you can remain in control of your commission rates, showcase real-time availability to avoid double booking, and expand your reach to thousands of your future customers.

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Don’t forget commission

Knowing how to sell tour packages is one thing, but in order to gain exposure to the largest audience possible, you will need agents to help you promote your products. Different types of agents will earn varying commissions depending on their place within the distribution network. It’s best to take into account the commission you’ll need to consider before setting a price on your tour packages.

By understanding how to set commission rates, it’ll allow you to create an informed pricing strategy. Not only will this be beneficial for your profit margins, but it will also entice resellers to book through your business.

Want to learn more about commission rates and how to incorporate them into your pricing? View our ultimate commission guide.

Make it all legal

When creating a tour package, you need to provide explicit conditions of the sale of the tour package in order to avoid any confusion. You may even want to work with a lawyer in order to develop the right language for your tour package., Since travel agents will need these legal conditions in place before they can resell your product, it’s best you have your terms and conditions in place before promoting your tour packages.

Time it right

How and when you sell your products is key to maximizing your bookings. Promoting your product during the high season may be the easiest way to gain bookings, but there’s also a high competition rate. Being strategic on your timing will help you have steady booking rates all year round.

In addition, you can also create an alternative package that helps you increase your bookings during the slow tourism season for your region. Have patience, it can take 2 years or more to see an increase in your profits, but if you package your products correctly, your business will begin growing to the next level.

If you’d like to learn more about promoting your tour packages, read the blog “How to promote your packages as a tour operator“.

Of course, if you are going to offer an incredible package to your travelers, you need to make it easy for your customers to book. One way to do this is to implement an online booking system that increases your efficiency and showcases your live availability. Rezdy is an online booking system created just for tour and activity providers. It provides customizable tools that allow you to personalize the system for your specific needs. In addition, it connects you with agents that make it easy for you to distribute your products.

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