5 tips to host the best experiences in your destination

Experiential travel is trending across all demographics. Independent travelers and Millennials are looking for a way to immerse themselves in their chosen destination, while families and established couples are looking to experience something new and authentic. As travelers increasingly rely on Airbnb to find unique and affordable places to stay, you will want to know how to attract Airbnb guests to your experience. Along with researching place marketing strategy examples, following these 5 top tips to host the best experiences will help you attract more guests and more repeat business:

#1. Create unique and exclusive offerings

Travelers who book their accommodations through Airbnb are looking for a place to stay that is unlike anyplace else in their chosen destination — and they are compelled to book experiences that offer the same reward. Your tours and activities should feel like a behind-the-scenes look into the city, and should offer an opportunity that can’t be enjoyed by just anyone or in any destination.

#2. Hire experts who are passionate about your products

The people who operate your tour buses or who guide your experiences are the point-of-contact for your customers, and it’s necessary for them to be informed, knowledgeable and passionate about what they are doing. You need to be just as excited about offering your experience as your travelers are about enjoying it themselves.

#3. Include value-added upgrades with the experience

To make your experiences stand apart from the crowd, you should consider including upgrades with the tour package. This might mean that you provide a bottle of champagne on your guided walking tour and picnic in a local park, or perhaps you will provide digital photography services for your meet-and-greet with the local wildlife that might be encountered on your hike.

#4. Outline the expectations for the experience

Those who book your experiences need to know exactly what they are going to get. Be clear about what is included in the tour package, how long the experience will take and what the result will be. Avoid making promises to your travelers that you cannot fulfill.

#5. Create a preparedness plan for the experience

In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, both you and your staff will have to be prepared. The safety of your travelers should be your top priority, and you should make them aware of all safety measures that have been put in place. Also be sure to provide safety tips for tour operators who will be conducting your experiences.

As you seek to hos the best experiences in your destination, it’s important to remember that not every tour operator will have the opportunity to leverage Experiences with Airbnb. Airbnb will only select the most qualified and most prepared tour operators, which is why it’s imperative that you have an effective and efficient management system in place.

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Image credit: Martha Dominguez de Goveia