Hands up who loves paperwork? Yep, we thought as much. Nobody really loves the process of printing, stacking or archiving necessary paperwork, which is why tourism operators are so happy to hear that it’s entirely possible to digitise your whole customer management experience. Here are 5 tips and software options for taking the paper – and the work – out of your business paperwork and green up your operations. Here’s how to make your tour business paperless.

Digitise your booking system

We hope there aren’t many tourism businesses still pencilling in guest bookings or maintaining Excel spreadsheets for each tour or activity. But if you are – it’s time to make the change! A modern tour and activity booking system like Rezdy not only enables direct bookings on your website but also through resellers, maintaining live availability across all channels so you can wave goodbye to accidental double bookings.   

Increase online awareness from hotel desks and visitor centres

Many tours and activities have traditionally been booked as a result of someone picking up a brochure at their hotel or visitor’s centre – but the times, they are a-changin’. Now, resellers such as concierges and visitor centres want to be able to easily find and book your tours for the customer they’re talking to in real-time. Rezdy Marketplace makes it easy to do just that, and you can customise your commission rates to suit each separate reseller partner.

Utilise Square for onsite payments

You might already use RezdyPay or Stripe to take effortless digital payments for your online bookings, but even onsite payments for merchandise or bottled water can be made easy with a little thing called Square. You can integrate the Square reader with your Rezdy activity booking system to be able to take in-person payments with a simple tap of the customer’s credit or debit card. Receipts can be digitally and instantly sent to the customer for everyone’s peace of mind.

make your tour business paperless

Take activity waivers online

Requesting activity waivers has long been a tedious process, where you would need to pass around a clipboard so each customer could sign their acknowledgement of any risks involved. You can almost entirely eliminate this guest management step from your daily to-do list by integrating Rezdy with Wherewolf. This online waiver solution can automatically send out your waiver for each guest who books through Rezdy so the guest can sign it digitally in their own time, and electronic document management means that each waiver is kept safe and secure in the cloud for you to access if you ever need it.

Integrate Fotaflo for follow-up photo marketing

The days of sending promotional postcards, newsletters or brochures are on their way out, and in their place is social marketing and powerful word of mouth. By integrating your Rezdy travel and tourism software with Fotaflo, you can share photos of guest experiences and encourage them to share them widely on their social media platforms. You could also integrate PicThrive to upsell guest photos and videos after their experience and bring in extra income.

It’s almost impossible to demonstrate to you the sheer number of business processes that Rezdy’s activity and tour scheduling software can make simpler for you – but we’d love to try. Book in a free demo or start your free 21 day trial and see for yourself.

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