Top 3 Ways Tour Operators Provide Seamless Online Travel Experience

Top 3 Ways Tour Operators Provide Seamless Online Travel Experience

For an online booking journey to lead to a reservation, tour and activity companies have to make the user experience a top priority. Those who are looking up information on a destination and exploring the excursion options in a particular area rely heavily on company websites to make their final choices. A seamless experience is critical to increasing your direct bookings.

Why Should You Provide a Seamless Online Travel Experience?

A seamless online travel experience allows a user to continue to move through their online booking journey without any issues or frustrations, which increases their likelihood of booking directly on your tour and activity website. The way that the user experiences your brand online directly impacts their perception of your company and the products that you offer, even if they have never set foot in your destination.

3 Ways to Provide a Seamless Travel Experience Online

1. Provide the right user experience. Travelers who are learning more about potential tour and activity options online are looking for brands that offer quick site speeds, an engaging social media presence and visual proof of the experience that they provide. Beyond this, they want to book with brands that offer simple online booking options. A “book now” button and short forms are essential.

2. Process payments securely. If you are going to be accepting payments online from your customers, then they need to be able to trust that you are going to safely process those payments. You need to implement an online payment portal that will protect your customers’ valuable personal information, and you need to make sure that it integrates with your online booking system. This ensures that once a payment is made, their spot is reserved on the upcoming tour or activity that they chose.

3. Prioritize customer communication. Customers are going to reach out to your tour and activity company in a variety of ways. They may send a private message over Facebook Messenger, or they may comment on one of your Instagram posts with a question. They also may interact with your chatbots or send you an e-mail directly looking for more information. You need to have a comprehensive communication plan in place that allows you and your staff members to quickly and effectively respond to all of your customer inquiries. Customers have come to expect that they can engage with travel brands online, and they want responses sooner rather than later.

Investing in the right technology for your tour and activity company is necessary to providing a seamless online travel experience. With an all-in-one booking solution, you will be able to accept online bookings, promote your real-time availability and process secure payments. All of this will help drive direct bookings, because your customers will be able to quickly and easily book the tours that they want to enjoy on their upcoming trip. Rezdy is the only online booking solution designed specifically for tour and activity providers. To find out more about how Rezdy can improve your business, download our free demo today.

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