Short Stay Vacations: How Tour and Activity Operators can Benefit

Short Stay Vacations: How Tour and Activity Operators can Benefit

It used to be that a vacation wasn’t considered a vacation unless it lasted for at least 7 days. However, according to travelers, the definition of a getaway is changing and evolving. Many people can’t escape from work for an entire week, and others simply cannot afford to invest in a longer vacation. Instead, they are looking to book short stay vacations and weekends away. These may be shorter adventures, but they certainly aren’t lacking in activities and things to do.

As a tour and activity provider, you can target your products to short stay vacationers in order to take advantage of this growing demographic in the travel industry.

Create Promotions that Offer Discounts for Short Stay Last-Minute Bookings

Travelers who are booking short stay trips and weekend getaways typically do not book months or even weeks in advance. In addition, they are also looking to book the most affordable trip possible. If you offer last-minute discounts for your tours and activities, you will be able to attract these travelers who are not likely to plan in advance and are motivated by a great deal. Beyond that, it helps you to fill those last couple of spots, ultimately maximizing the revenue that you generate per tour.

Make Sure Your Website is Capable of Accepting Mobile Bookings

People who are booking short trips to a new destination are notoriously spontaneous, and they are more likely to be using mobile devices than their extended-stay traveling counterparts. Your website should have a responsive design, allowing users to browse the site comfortably and easily from their smart phone or tablet devices. In addition, you should implement an online booking system that has mobile capability. This ensures that you can accept secure bookings and payments over any type of mobile device. Mobile bookings are on the rise across all traveler demographics, so it’s worthwhile to invest in this technology.

Prioritize the Authentic Experiences that You Offer

When an individual is trying to explore an entire destination in a few short days, they are going to place a high value on the types of experiences that they book. Your tours and activities should allow travelers to immerse themselves in the best that your destination has to offer, whether that’s a city tour of the top attractions or a kayaking adventure that allows visitors to view natural wildlife for themselves. Authentic experiences at affordable prices will attract the travelers who are looking to book short stays in your region.

You can increase the number of short-term travelers that book your tours and activities by refining your distribution strategy and incorporating the right agents into your distribution network. Rezdy offers you an innovative online booking system as well as a Channel Manager that helps you connect with the agents in the industry who can resell your products to the most motivated travelers. To find out more information about short-term travelers and their impact on your overall distribution strategy, download the Rezdy distribution ebook today.

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