All Tour & Activity Suppliers Are Also Agents (Or Should Be!)

All Tour & Activity Suppliers Are Also Agents (Or Should Be!)

You may first and foremost be a tour or activity supplier, but ultimately, you’re already referring other operators in the region to your customers.

Let’s take a look at why you’re wearing both hats, what challenges there are, and how you can combat them.

Why resell other operators?

Most tour operators are already referring other services in their region, so it makes sense to make it an official partnership.

Plus, there are definite benefits for you, like…

More revenue

It’s additional revenue! An obvious point is to recommend complementary services, like restaurants around town, or shuttles to and from your customer’s hotel.

However, you can also consider reselling competitors when you are at full capacity. After all, commission is better than nothing. Instead of turning down a booking, refer them elsewhere and make some money on it.

More tourists

As a tour or activity supplier, you should be motivated to promote your destination. You want tourists to have a good time, so that they refer their friends and family to your region. More tourists means more money.

You already have direct access to the perfect audience. You have daily interactions with tourists who trust you. It just makes sense to enhance their experience of your region with the services of others nearby.

What challenges stand in your way?

Being a tour supplier and agent at the same time can have its challenges, like…

Managing bookings

Seeing as you’ve got your own bookings to worry about, it can be difficult to find the time to make sure the tourists you’re referring can book themselves in properly.

Checking the availability of the business you’re referring them to requires playing phone and email tag – and that’s never a fun game.

You risk your customers being overbooked or losing the opportunity completely if you can’t effectively book it in right then and there.

Getting paid commission

The whole reason you do this in the first place is to get commission. The problem is sales are difficult to track, so getting paid takes a while.

There’s also the possibility of disputes with your partners. For example, what if you send a customer, but they cancel without you knowing?

What technology exists to help?

Thankfully, there are ways to address those challenges.

Online booking software like Rezdy

  • Allows tour and activity suppliers to share their live inventory with their agents. This means that there’s no chance of overbooking and agents can make that sale faster.

Rezdy lets agents sign up for free, gaining instant access to over 14,000 products that they can resell. All they have to do is use Rezdy’s Agent Desk to request access and build the relationship from there on out. Suppliers are also free to resell each other’s products.

Of using the Agent Desk, Colin Thwaite, Owner & Director of Oz Whale Watching, said, “[Agents] can see your live calendar, book people in, and bang – you get the money, they get the commission, and everyone’s happy.”

Want to take a no obligation free trial? Use the links below.

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