Communication Tips for Tour Operators to Delight Customers

Communication Tips for Tour Operators to Delight Customers

It is important to try to delight customers by not just meeting, but exceeding their expectations. Effective communication is the foundation to a successful relationship with your customers. Without it, you will be left with bad reviews and unsatisfied customers. Delighted customers leave good reviews, recommend you to their friends and even come back themselves sometimes.

As your booking software provider, we feel like it’s our duty to inform you of some of the communication tools you have available but may not know about.

Here are 4 things you can do to delight customers by showcasing your effective communication skills – both internally and externally.

1. Delight customers with accuracy during pick-up

You should make sure that your customers are picked up on time, in the right place, and any special notes are remembered. Attach these details to your vehicle driver’s manifest.

With Rezdy, you can customise your manifest to include specific fields used in your booking form:

delight customers

pickup location delight customers

2. Delight customers with communication via SMS

The mobile phone is the #1 item brought on holiday. A lot of the time your customers will not having access to the internet via their phone, and they may be out and about.

Sending them texts to confirm a booking, remind them leading up to the big day, and ask for feedback following your tour is a smart way to make sure they see your message. After all, they probably have a lot emails already cluttering their inbox.

automated SMS delight customers

3. Know when they didn’t receive an email

To avoid no-shows and unhappy customers, you should do what you can to make sure they know what they need to bring, if the date or time changed, and any other important messages.

You don’t want to end up in a dispute with a customer who says “you never sent me the email” when in fact you did, but it bounced from their inbox. When you notice that an important email has bounced, you can try to touch base with the customer over the phone.

With Rezdy’s new email delivery tracking feature, you can see the status of each email sent to your customers:

Click here to learn how you can start using email delivery tracking.

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