Why Should Tour Operators Embrace Chatbots for Travel Booking Experience?

Why Should Tour Operators Embrace Chatbots for Travel Booking Experience?

Technology is constantly providing those in the travel industry with new ways to connect with their potential customers. Whether you are using social media to promote your experiences or you are trying out virtual reality at your tour and activity company, you’re likely trying to work in the latest and greatest innovations into your marketing strategy. One type of technology that tour operators should be embracing is chatbots, as they can help you connect with your customers instantly and effectively.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that can be synced with your website to provide your site visitors with real-time information in a way that mimics a human conversation. The program launches a customer service chat box when a visitor arrives on your site, providing them with an opportunity to ask questions or offer feedback. The chatbot then continues to converse for as long as necessary with the user, ultimately improving the user experience for the traveler who is exploring your tour and activity website.

3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Chatbots

1. They drive customer loyalty through customer service. As opposed to other apps like Facebook Messenger, you can use your chatbots to provide instant gratification to your customers, which is something that more and more people expect from their online experience with a travel brand. Customers who feel that your brand is accessible are more likely to remain loyal to you, which can drive direct bookings as well as repeat bookings.

2. They allow you to effectively communicate with your customers, which is key to growing your brand. Travelers rely on online technology to connect with travel brands around the world, and they want to be able to easily contact your tour and activity company to find out additional information. Chatbots give them a way to get instantaneous answers to simple questions, which can allow you to focus your energy on the big picture rather than the small details. At the same time, your customers are getting the service they crave.

3. They allow you to grow your bookings through data. You also can use chatbots to collect valuable consumer data that helps you understand who is most interested in your tours and activities, and the types of experiences they are craving. The conversations that are generated through the chatbots will allow you to understand what questions your customers have and where they feel your website is lacking. You can use this information to improve the user experience by making changes to your website that can help you drive direct bookings and increase your customer conversion rate.

Chatbots are just another piece of technology that you should try to incorporate into your online marketing strategy for your tour and activity company. You should always be looking for new and exciting ways to improve the way you connect with your customers and engage with your travelers. To learn more about the latest technology in the tour and activity industry, follow the Rezdy blog today.

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