The Tour Operator’s Guide to Hiring the Best Guides and Staff

The Tour Operator’s Guide to Hiring the Best Guides and Staff

While your website is the face of your brand online, your tour guides and staff members are the face of your brand in the brick-and-mortar world. It’s imperative that you hire the most qualified people to run your tours and activities. These are the individuals who will be interacting with the tourists who book your products, and who will be delivering the excursion that you have promised them.

Our guide will help you hire the best possible people for the available positions at your tour and activity company.

Step 1: Get the Word Out About the Job Openings

Create a landing page on your website where you can post about the openings that you have for positions. Many people who are interested in becoming a tour operator, or who like to work with travelers, visit brand websites to find out if there is any availability. Include information about job responsibilities and the qualifications you are looking for in a staff member. In addition, you should use social media as well as websites with job listings to promote your openings to the most qualified applicants. It’s important that the right people see your job postings, as this is the only way to attract the most qualified tour operators to your business.


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Step 2: Lead by Example and Offer Training Opportunities

As the owner of your tour and activity company, it’s your job to mentor and inspire the people who work for you and guide your guests on their tours and activities. When you have hired a new individual, be sure to lead a tour yourself and invite them to join you on the experience. This allows them to see your expectations for the position. Of course, encourage them to use their own personality and insight in order to enhance the tour. Every tour guide likes to feel like they have some control over how they deliver the product on a daily basis.


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Step 3: Ask for Feedback and Make Changes as Necessary

Naturally, you will be soliciting feedback from your guests after their tour is complete. However, it’s important that you also ask your tour guides to provide you with comments and concerns. Your guides will have more insight into the day-to-day operations of the tours, and in many cases, they will have great ideas on how to improve your products. By seeking this input and adapting as necessary, you will show your guides that you value them. In return, they will be a loyal employee who will stick around with your tour and activity company for a long time.

Developing brand recognition and customer loyalty begins at the heart of your tour and activity company — the experience itself. Hiring the most qualified staff and offering them continuous training opportunities will allow you to deliver the best products possible, and ultimately increase your bookings over time. For more information on growing your tour and activity business, begin your free trial of Rezdy today.

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