Just like in the real world, first impressions are everything on the web. Your tour and activity company’s website will say a lot about your business, the experiences that you offer and the customers that you are targeting. It’s critical that you invest in a good website and that you maintain it. Here’s just a few reasons why you might want to make your website your top priority this season:

You’re Selling an Adventure and You Know Your Product Best

People book tours and activities on their vacation because they want to experience something new — and it’s often something that they can’t do in their own hometown. Ultimately, each experience is an adventure, and you need to sell it as such. Your website allows you to tell your story through high-quality content, beautiful photographs and captivating videos. This is your chance to showcase your products and prove to your customers that they need to book with you immediately in order to make the most out of their vacation.

You Can Showcase Your Personality Through Your Website

You don’t have to be a boring, traditional tourism business on your own website. Forget the business formal language and the standard booking language — show off your personality and style. People are looking to connect with you on a personal level, as this allows them to get to know a local resident in the destination that they chose to visit. Tell your story about how you began your business and why you do what you do. Add biographies for the tour operators who guide your tours and activities. Show people around your facilities and give them information about the resources that you have available. This is your chance to personally introduce them to your business, before they even arrive in your destination.

In addition to incorporating your personality and style into your website, you also will want to reinforce your brand. Use your logo whenever you get a chance, and showcase your brand colors throughout the website. This is the first step in building loyal customers who will book repeatedly as well as recommend your company to family members and friends.

You Can Accept Direct Online Bookings

If your website has nothing else, make sure that it has an easy “Book Now” button that allows people to book with you directly online. When you implement an online booking system, like Rezdy, you can integrate it immediately with your website. It’s important to select an online booking system that offers real-time availability and a customizable booking form. More than 300 tour operators who recently responded in the Rezdy survey agreed: online booking is the most effective way to increase your bookings for your tour and activity business.

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